4imprint, LLC

| Updated: December 21, 2022

Invest in making brand impressions with promotional drinkware. Stainless steel vacuum-insulated drinkware is one of the most requested promo items thanks to its advantageous characteristics. Join 4imprint’s Mindy as she shares what makes this material stand out and what styles are trending.

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For drinkwares, the stainless steel vacuum technology is still really, really hot. The bottles and the tumblers that will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours, is still one of our top requested items. What we’re seeing trending this year is additions to the styles of the bottles of the tumblers. Color editions, bright, bold colors and patterns are really picking up. Now that suppliers know that this is a hot item, they’ve began to build their inventory and add colors. It’s an item that parallels very well with the retail world. That’s the type of things that you see in the stores now, that’s the type of things you can get for your customer.

Drinkware is a very popular category, because it’s extremely useful. It’s something that people use every single day. So, if you have that vacuum insulated bottle that is keeping your coffee warm for five hours, you’re gonna take that home with you, fill up your coffee, take it to the office. It’s gonna last you all day, you’re gonna take it back home. You’re gonna carry that everywhere. So, if your logo is on a piece like that, it is in front of your customer day after, day after, day and all day long. So, drink-ware is a very, very good investment to get your logo out there.