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Usability Testing: 4imprint’s Latest Blue Paper and Podcast

(OSHKOSH, Wis.) – Products. Tools. Online applications. Regardless of what a company develops, usability testing is something to be considered. Usability testing can be a valuable method to evaluate exactly how someone uses or interacts with a product or service. Done correctly, the results are used to create and modify products that are optimized for effectiveness.

Usability Testing: Does Your Product Make the Grade, a new Blue Paper®, podcast and infographic from promotional products retailer 4imprint®, defines usability testing, outlines its goals and discusses multiple methods commonly used for testing.

“Companies who are looking for new ways to improve their website, products or services may want to take a look at this Blue Paper,” said Greg Ebel, vice president of sales and marketing, 4imprint. “It includes resources, techniques and methods for organizations to consider when implementing usability testing.”

This Blue Paper and podcast provide a comprehensive look at usability testing. Expect to learn:

• The fundamentals of usability testing including a brief history and basic definitions;
• Its main components—learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors and satisfaction;
• Widely used methods of usability testing including Hallway testing, remote usability testing and expert reviews;
• Usability testing techniques such as think-aloud protocols, co-discovery learning and eye tracking;
• The phases of usability testing which include planning, testing and evaluation.

Visit www.4imprint.com/bluepapers to read this Blue Paper, download the podcast or view the infographic.

About 4imprint Blue Papers
4imprint Blue Papers are in-depth, how-to articles, distributed to 4imprint customers to help their organizations succeed. Accessible at www.4imprint.com/bluepapers, Blue Papers have covered popular, cutting-edge topics such as podcasting, online social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing.

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