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The Case for Onboarding: Welcoming and Orienting New Employees
New Blue Paper and Podcast from 4imprint

(OSHKOSH, Wis.) – Onboarding, also referred to as employee orientation, is a planned, systemic approach to welcoming and orienting new employees into an organization. The newest Blue Paper™ and podcast from promotional products retailer 4imprint showcases that effective onboarding programs promote a number of benefits, including greater employee satisfaction, better job performance, greater commitment to the company, quicker time to productivity and increased retention.

Retention and recruitment are expensive initiatives. According to research conducted by partners at Kaiser Associates, an international management consulting firm based in Washington DC, these are just a few reasons to improve an onboarding process:

• One-third of external hires leave their companies within the first two years;
• Almost a third of employees employed in their current job for less than one year are already job searching;
• It is not uncommon for companies to need to replace 10 to 15% of their workforce annually, or over 50% within a three- to five-year period.
“Onboarding programs have seen a rise in popularity,” says Mary Curtin, vice president of human resources for 4imprint. “The research behind their effectiveness and bottom line impact is something we thought our customers would find valuable.”

In The Case for Onboarding, 4imprint features different onboarding case studies and the considerations for developing a program.

This Blue Paper and podcast also cover:

• Conducting a needs analysis
• Building stakeholder buy-in for the program
• Designing a program that exemplifies your organizational culture
• Measuring the program’s success
• And, more!
To read this Blue Paper, or download the podcast, visit https://info.4imprint.com/bluepapers/onboarding/.

About 4imprint Blue Papers™
4imprint Blue Papers™ are in-depth, how-to articles, distributed to 4imprint customers to help their organizations succeed. Accessible at www.4imprint.com/bluepapers, Blue Papers™ have covered popular, cutting-edge topics such as podcasting, online social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing.

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