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Improve your market research with 4imprint’s latest Blue Paper and Podcast

(OSHKOSH, Wis.) – An estimated 46 percent of all resources allocated to product development and commercialization is spent on products that fail to yield adequate financial return. Market research is a means of creating better products and identifying target audiences in order to help increase your odds of a successful launch. The latest Blue Paper™ and podcast from promotional products retailer 4imprint, Market Research: Meet your customer, explores this topic and more.

“Market research can be a great gut-check for the marketing department,” said Greg Ebel, vice president of marketing for 4imprint. “It uses factual information and anecdotal data to determine what products and services need to be developed or refined, who to market them to and how.”

In allocating funds to conducting surveys, focus groups, interviews and other research methods, businesses can determine who a target audience is and how best to reach them in a way that is most cost effective for any marketing budget.

In this Blue Paper and podcast, we cover:

• Market research vs. marketing research;
• How to develop research objectives
• An overview of common research designs and techniques;
• Market research tools;
• The latest in market research trends; and more!
To read this Blue Paper, or download the podcast, visit www.4imprint.com/bluepapers.

About 4imprint Blue Papers™
4imprint Blue Papers™ are in-depth, how-to articles, distributed to 4imprint customers to help their organizations succeed. Accessible at www.4imprint.com/bluepapers, Blue Papers™ have covered popular, cutting-edge topics such as podcasting, online social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing.

About 4imprint
4imprint is part of 4imprint Group, Plc, a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, serving more than 100,000 businesses with promotional items throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. 4imprint offers corporate gifts, personalized gifts, custom t-shirts, promotional pens, travel mugs, tote bags, water bottles, Post-it® Notes, custom calendars, custom shirts and much more. For additional information, visit www.4imprint.com.

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