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4imprint’s newest Blue Paper and Podcast
Offers Tools for Creating a Culture of Candor

(OSHKOSH, Wis.) – When it comes to honesty in the workplace, many people subscribe to the theory that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Yet some say everyone needs to stop biting their tongues; those quiet conversations happening outside of meetings contain nuggets of information essential to company success. To identify issues before they affect the bottom line, experts say organizations should strive to create transparency in the workplace. How do you create transparency? Learn that and more helpful tips in the latest Blue Paper™ and podcast from promotional products retailer 4imprintTM, “Spare the messenger: how creating a business culture of candor paves the way to success.”

“Creating a culture of candor has been a hot topic of discussion for businesses,” says Greg Ebel, vice president of sales and marketing for 4imprint. “This Blue Paper and podcast dives into what a culture of candor is all about and how to create that kind of environment in a workplace.”

By creating a culture of candor, businesses can identify weaknesses within their organization, proactively forge solutions to problems and foresee opportunities for growth. 4imprint has compiled research on creating transparency in business, including:
• the risks associated with controlling the flow of information
• how a culture of candor can benefit businesses, beyond legal compliance
• practical steps for encouraging honesty in the workplace, as well as compassionate candor
• how to protect truth-tellers in your organization so they feel comfortable sharing information
• the popularity of social media, and its role in company candor

To read this Blue Paper, or download the podcast, visit www.4imprint.com/bluepapers.

About 4imprint Blue Papers
4imprint Blue Papers are in-depth, how-to articles, distributed to 4imprint customers to help their organizations succeed. Accessible at www.4imprint.com/bluepapers, Blue Papers have covered popular, cutting-edge topics such as podcasting, online social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing.

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