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4imprint® Releases Newest Blue Paper and Podcast: Give Brainstorming a Makeover

(OSHKOSH, Wis.)—Although brainstorming remains the most widely used tool to stimulate creative thinking, research suggests that 90 percent of companies are doing it in a manner that can actually reduce idea quality and hinder productivity. 4imprint’s newest Blue Paper®, podcast and infographic, Give Brainstorming a Makeover: Why this Time-Tested Practice can be Improved with Blitzing, Brainswarming and Collaborative Tools, offers suggestions for companies looking to modernize and improve brainstorming techniques. The goal: use these approaches to generate high-quality ideas that employees can use to solve problems.

Although brainstorming can be an ideal way to generate ideas, it comes with challenges that include the risk of inferior ideas, participant inhibitions and reduced morale. This Blue Paper examines brainstorming alternatives such as blitzing, brainswarming, e-brainstorming and timeboxing.

“Organizations that rely on brainstorming as a problem-solving technique may find this Blue Paper useful,” said Greg Ebel, vice president of sales and marketing, 4imprint. “It includes new approaches and practical advice that may help organizations generate new ideas and overcome challenges.”

This Blue Paper and podcast include:

• Brainstorming basics like group formation, ground rules, idea capture and inclusion techniques
• The benefits to brainstorming such as increasing the number of ideas generated, exposing new ideas and promoting creativity
• Brainstorming challenges including social loafing, inhibition, anchoring and hothousing
• The foundations of effective brainstorming such as employing a well-trained facilitator, choosing a good meeting space and realizing that there are actually bad ideas
• Tools and resources to enhance brainstorming

Visit www.4imprint.com/bluepapers to read this Blue Paper, download the podcast or view the infographic.

About 4imprint Blue Papers
4imprint Blue Papers are in-depth, how-to articles, distributed to 4imprint customers to help their organizations succeed. Accessible at www.4imprint.com/bluepapers, Blue Papers have covered popular, cutting-edge topics such as podcasting, online social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing.

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