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Posted: January 07, 2020 | Updated: November 03, 2022 3 min read

Topping off summer camp with custom caps

Living with a cancer is tough. But when the illness affects children, it can be an especially difficult challenge. That’s where Camp Quality Canada makes a difference. Their free summer camp helps children focus on fun skill-building activities while making unforgettable memories. This past year, camp participants received Washed Chino Twill Caps thanks to a 4imprint® one by one® grant.


Camp Quality Canada executive director wears a 4imprint custom cap.Going the extra mile to make children safe and happy

The nonprofit Camp Quality Canada serves children affected by cancer and other serious illnesses and their families. Counselors focus on activities for all members of the family to learn and grow together. Each summer, the nonprofit organization offers free camps that help children forget about their illness while discovering new skills. “At Camp Quality Canada, we strive to improve the life of children from 7 to 17 years old affected by cancer. We know that the daily life is hard once the children leave the hospital, and we want to support them as much as we can,” said Lauren Burke, National Program Manager.

While children are away, parents enjoy a respite, knowing their children are in good hands. With seven one-week summer camps in three provinces (Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba), the camp relies on help from more than 450 volunteers. Being a small nonprofit, funding is limited and restricted to primary needs. That’s why the grant for custom caps made this year’s camp a little more special.

“During the camp session, kids and volunteers receive a cap and a t-shirt,” Burke said. “[The cap] protects them from the sun when they play outside, and it gives a break to parents not having to pack everything. Having a hat on also helps the kids feel more comfortable, especially those for whom the illness is physically noticeable.”


Custom caps make a memorable moment

For the staff, the best part of this grant program was watching the kids receive the custom caps and seeing their excitement. “The caps represented this little thing that helped improve our program. As a nonprofit, it felt good to receive this extra support from 4imprint and watch the happiness of the kids,” Burke said.


A note from Cheryl:

We’re delighted to have supported Camp Quality Canada in their endeavor to improve the lives of children affected by cancer. For more information on our grant program, visit onebyone.4imprint.ca.