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Posted: July 31, 2023 2 min read

one by one®: First Chance Center

While First Chance Center has been helping people with disabilities for more than 50 years, it recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its largest annual fundraiser, Golf Scramble. Director of Development Valerie Moon wanted a silver item to mark the silver anniversary, so she used a one by one grant to get stainless steel promotional travel mugs for participants.

Shawnda: One of many success stories Four people in branded shirts holding travel mugs with a logo.

First Chance Center’s mission is to promote abilities and provide opportunities for people with disabilities or other barriers to fully participate in their community. The center provides a variety of services, including job training, teaching independent living skills and providing direct support to individuals who need assistance.

“I’ve witnessed many success stories in the 20 years I’ve worked here,” Moon said, “but the one that stands out is Shawnda. She was living with her mom when she first came to us, but she kept insisting she wanted more in life. She wanted to live on her own and wanted a job and she achieved both.”

Shawnda started with a job in the First Chance Center facility doing janitorial work and learned independent living skills. She now lives in her own apartment, where there’s support staff available, and works independently at a nearby hotel.

Supporters receive promotional travel mugs as a thank-you

Moon shares stories like Shawnda’s at events like the annual Golf Scramble to help donors understand how their financial support is making a difference to individuals and the entire community in Orange County, Indiana.

“We’ve ordered branded items before as gifts for employees but wanted to get something special for our supporters this time,” Moon said. “Since all proceeds from the annual golf event benefit our programs, we wanted to thank them for continuing to make this event a success and for helping to keep First Chance Center going so we can help people like Shawnda and help area businesses who need them.”

A note from Cheryl

It’s fitting that First Chance Center used stainless steel promotional travel mugs to celebrate the silver anniversary of its largest annual fundraiser. We hope the mugs remind supporters of their importance to the organization. If you’re interested in a one by one grant, visit onebyone.4imprint.com.