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Marketing automation – Canada

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This article discusses the use of marketing automation technology to provide relevant content that engages customers when and where they need it.

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Voice of the Customer

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4imprint’s Blue Paper, Voice of the Customer: Marketing Mind Reading at its best discusses combining and using customer feedback to improve organizations.

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September 2014 Staff Favorites

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Favorite promotions from the experts, our staff! When traveling Whitney can't go anywhere without her Wave Monopack.

Staff Favorites
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The Magical World of Wearable Technology: 4imprint Releases a Two-Part Blue Paper and Podcast

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Wearable technology is becoming so common and an emerging technology some researchers say 2014 will be known as the year of wearable technology.

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Making Sense of Analytics

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Mention the words “online analytics” and some people immediately think of complex data and algorithms. It’s enough to make you want to run for the hills.

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Online Mobile Display Ads [PODCAST]

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Listen to this podcast covering the topic of Online Mobile Display Ads from promotional products retailer, 4imprint.

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Emergency management planning – Canada

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Next year’s school planning is already underway, and your teams are likely knee deep in budgeting, staffing and curriculum adopting, among other things.

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How to shake up your next gala – Canada

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How can your nonprofit shake things up to make its next gala one your community members will want to attend now and for years to come?

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The Ripple Effect of Community Gardens

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Research shows that community gardens can reduce food insecurity, improve diet and strengthen family relationships and can better your overall wellness.

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Year-end is a time for preparation

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The end of the school year means many different things for many people. Some are just starting a life long education.