Find your best fit—interview tips and employee recruitment giveaways

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Trying to select the perfect job candidate? These interview techniques and employee recruitment giveaways will help your company select the best fit.

How to make your mark with advertising giveaways

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Promo items are more memorable than TV, magazine or online ads. In this edition of our Blue Papers®, we help you select the perfect advertising giveaways.

Embrace and build employees’ personal brands to strengthen yours

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Your employees’ personal brands can affect your company’s brand—for the better. See how their content and branded giveaways can enhance your company’s look.

Helpful tips and outdoor giveaways make planning outside events a breeze

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Head to the great outdoors for a memorable company meeting or event. These helpful tips and outdoor giveaways will bring a breath of fresh air.

Foster a successful environment with personal and professional development

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Build up employees with professional opportunities and personal development gifts—they set a strong foundation for your business. See how!

Amber discusses ...

It’s a marketing remix: Classic marketing Ps with an updated twist

The first family of marketing Ps has grown. Our newest Blue Paper will tell you how marketing swag and the new marketing mix can bring customers to your door.

Listen up! Tips and training giveaways to master effective listening.

Effective listening improves communication, rapport and retention. Promote better communication among team members with training giveaways.

Storytelling strategies to make your brand’s story a best-seller

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PR practitioners have a toolbox full of storytelling strategies. This Blue Paper provides narration tips and PR giveaways that will sell your story.

The surprising power of thank-you gifts for customers

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Thank-you gifts for customers improve client loyalty. This Blue Paper helps you pick the right time and the right gift to make a significant business impact.

Choose wisely: The power colours can have on your brand identity

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Colour can be an influential, yet overlooked, part of your brand. Read more for a closer look at the science behind colour choice—and swag colour—in marketing.