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When renting a booth makes sense
To buy or to rent a trade show booth… that is the question. The answer depends on many circumstances, however the trend is leaning towards renting. One industry rule of thumb suggests renting if you will use your booth for two or less shows per year, since the break-even point of buying a booth versus renting typically occurs at the third show.In fact, renting a trade show exhibit can cost a quarter of the price in comparison to purchasing one.  But cost alone shouldn’t be the only consideration when deciding to rent or buy. Keep reading for more information.Reasons to rent
When deciding whether to rent or buy a trade show booth, here are some things to consider:

  • Trade shows are new to you: If you are new to trade shows and are trying them out to see how they affect your bottom line, you may want to begin by renting. After all, why put money into buying if you don’t know whether or not you will participate in future trade shows. Renting can be a good option to help you get your feet wet and “try before you buy.”

 Varying spaces: If you participate in multiple trade shows every year, each with space that varies in size and shape, it may be best to rent. Renting eliminates the up-front investment that purchasing a custom booth incurs and it also saves on the fees and hassles associated with storage, maintenance and shipping.

  • Varying looks: If you promote your product or service to various markets or have multiple products or service lines, it may be beneficial to rent. A rental gives you the flexibility to customize your booth for each audience, at each show, lending maximum impact to your display.

Budget: Last but not least are financial considerations. Perhaps the resources are just not in this year’s budget to purchase a booth—that’s no reason not to participate in a trade show. A rental booth can be cost-effective; in some cases graphics and design are included in the costs, for others there are affordable alternative options. Plus, a lot of rental exhibit providers are full-service and will ship and display your booth for you—a savings of both time and money.

Benefits of renting
If you decide that renting a booth is for you, here are some of the many benefits you may realize:

  • Customized options: Many trade show exhibit rentals can be customized to meet your needs. This ensures that your space is tailored not only to your brand but also to the market you are serving at each particular show.
  • Flexibility: Renting a trade show booth allows you to change your design each and every time you need or want to. This allows you the flexibility to make your booth work for you now matter how or where you are using it. Hence, you’re never forced to make the old booth fit.
  • Take advantage of the latest trends: Renting a trade show booth means you have the freedom to take full advantage of the latest designs and trends. Never again will you have to settle on the old, out-of-date booth.

Put your savings to work for you and invest them into making a lasting impression. No matter how cool your booth is the key takeaway should be your message. Giveaways are a surefire way to promote your message even after the trade show is over. Send guests on their way with totes, tumblers, T-shirts and more. And don’t forget to communicate your message at every touch-point. Make sure that pens, notepads and company literature all include your key communications and important company information.

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