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Employees who participate in workplace wellness programs are 38 percent happier and 12 percent more productive than those who don’t. Three in four report they are more satisfied with their benefit packages. Employers see a noticeable difference, too. Thirty-one percent saw fewer workers’ compensation and disability claims, and half reported reduced rates of absenteeism. The bottom line is wellness at work, works.

If your organization is looking for a few new and improved ideas on workplace wellness programs, keep reading.

Wellness at work ideas that work

  • Get competitive: Fitness tracking adds an element of competition to employee health and wellness initiatives. Encourage employees to monitor their wellness efforts by tracking steps, physical activity, nutrition habits, heart rate and more. There are several ways to track activities, including pedometers, smartphones, fitness trackers and apps. Post progress on a leaderboard and reward improvements with prizes, such as running belts or gym kit or random prize draws for a Bluetooth® tracker pedometer.
  • Offer stress relief: Did you know 60 percent of employees are stressed out at work? What’s more, only one in five take steps to change it. Innovative workplace wellness programs are doing their part by providing time and space for stress relief. Think meditation rooms, knitting classes, office gardens and more. Create a stress relief kit. Include any program details and some stress-relieving tools such as an adult colouring book, essential oil and a stress reliever.


  • Change your dress code: You’ve likely heard the expression, “change your shoes; change your life.” Take that a step further to, “change your dress code; change your life.” According to HR Daily Advisor®, feel-good apparel translates to less stress. Many companies are heeding this advice and allowing for “athleisure” apparel (a combination of athletic and leisure). Employees feel great in it and it encourages exercising. They can easily go from work, to the gym and back to work. If changing the dress code isn’t possible, allowing athleisure on Fridays could still make a difference.


Wellness at work really can help improve health, promote physical activity and reduce stress. Give one or more of these ideas a try and see the difference. For more on the topic, check out our Blue Paper.

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