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| Updated: May 09, 2022

The first day of a new job can be overwhelming. Along with nervous butterflies, employees are bombarded with new information on the first day, and it can be a lot to take in. A well-structured onboarding process is important to make new team members feel at ease. Nearly 70 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for at least three years when there is effective onboarding from the start.

In addition to an organized onboarding process, it’s also important to make new employees feel welcome. This helps them feel more comfortable in their work position and reduces turnover rates. Add a thoughtful touch to the onboarding process with personalized desk accessories and gifts. More than just nameplates, these considerate gifts for new employees will show how happy you are to have your newest team members on board.

Personalized journals

For taking notes in the office, a personalized journal is a great option. It’s a classic way to keep track of all the important things. Bonus: If the journal includes a calendar, it can be used by the new employee throughout the year.

Power banks

Almost 90 percent (PDF) of people find power banks useful, making them practical gifts that will really be appreciated. Employees can power their phones anywhere they choose to work with these portable gifts. Find a uniquely designed power bank to really draw attention to your name.

Business card holders

Add a stylish touch to any desktop with a business card holder. Fill it with the new employee’s business cards when they arrive on their first day to create a sense of belonging.

Gift basket

Assemble a small gift basket with goodies from local businesses near the workplace. Include, for example, a bag of coffee from the neighbouring coffee shop or a bottle of BBQ sauce from a nearby restaurant. Not only does this make a valuable gift for new employees, it’s also a good way to introduce people who are new to the area to local businesses. Personalize the gift with a thoughtful card containing a note from everyone on the team.

Coffee mug

Whether they prefer coffee, tea or even water, mugs are a fun and handy gift for new team members. Filling up mugs also gives employees a reason to get up from their desk. That’s good for their health and it gives them the opportunity to talk to new colleagues along the way. There are endless options for both ceramic mugs and travel mugs.


Personalized desk accessories and gifts are a thoughtful way to say, “welcome to the team!” Try adding one of these gifts for new employees to your onboarding process.