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Healthcare News: Seeing is believing—using infographics in health promotions

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An infographic, short for information graphic, is essentially a visual representation of information. Although the concept of sharing information visually has been around for centuries, this marketing vehicle’s popularity has really taken off over the past several years. There are many reasons why. First, because it’s visual, an infographic simplifies complex content, making it easier to understand. Second, the content can be easily shared across social media platforms, which increases brand exposure and engagement. And finally, a well-designed infographic can take boring topics and transform them into engaging, captivating experiences.This e-newsletter will discuss how to create infographics for the healthcare industry to raise awareness for health promotions and campaigns. It will include tips on gathering data, creating the infographic and, of course, promoting it.

  1. Step one—Let the data do the talking: Infographics are used to graphically show data—hopefully that which is meaningful and supportive of the topic. Gather research and information that is newsworthy and not widely known to your readers. Data should be concrete and able to be structured in a way that surprises, educates or tugs at the emotions of your audience. For instance, “Each day, 100 Canadians die of a smoking-related illness.” Or, “Childhood tooth decay rates number one among chronic childhood illnesses.”
  2. Step two—Create your masterpiece: Once you have gathered concrete data, you’re ready to create your masterpiece. Whether you choose to hire a professional designer or take a stab at designing the infographic yourself with online tools such as, Piktochart® or Visual.ly, there are some best practices to follow: be sure your infographic is light on text and image-rich. It should tell a story and engage readers visually. And, it should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow.
  3. Step three—Promote, distribute, disseminate:  Once the infographic is complete, it needs to be distributed, promoted and shared across the organization and externally. Upload the infographic to your website, share its link in promotional emails and post it on social media.

One idea to engage your social media audience is to encourage interaction with a contest outlined on the infographic. Ask followers to pledge to floss more, walk more or eat better! Reward active participants with a small promotional item, such as a Toothbrush Travel Cap, reflector or lunch bag. Then encourage your audience members to post pictures of themselves fulfilling their pledges. In return, enter them into a drawing for items like a Hydration Fitness Belt, fruit infuser bottle or a goody-filled sportpack.

Don’t forget to share your infographic with offline patients as well. Printed copies are just as helpful and impactful. Send them by mail to offline patients with a magnet clip to encourage them to post it on their refrigerator or in their home office.

Done right, infographics will educate patients, increase engagement and grow brand exposure. Try an infographic for your facility’s next health promotion or campaign.


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