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Twitter recently announced a new feature for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Twitter quick promote. Quick promote allows you to promote a tweet (directly from the analytics dashboard) and target it to those who share similar interests with your followers—in other words, those most likely to be interested in your product or service.According to Twitter’s small business blog, promoted tweets are driving measurable results. In fact, followers who read a relevant, promoted tweet from an SMB are 32 percent more likely to pay that business a visit. If you’re a small business looking for tips on new ways to advertise on Twitter, you may want to keep reading. This e-newsletter will offer a brief overview of quick promote and suggestions for making it work for your organization.

Promoting a tweet

What does it mean to promote a tweet? Essentially, it means an advertiser pays to share tweets with a wider audience. Quick promote simplifies the process. Users log in to their analytics dashboard, choose the tweet they wish to boost, and select “promote this tweet to drive engagements.” When choosing content for quick promote, pick something with a high level of engagement and number of impressions. Then, simply set your budget and watch the engagement unfold.

Using quick promote to promote your SMB

  • Products: A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true with Twitter, where images and videos get more clicks, retweets, replies and favourites. Are you showcasing a new product line? Include a visual, and further drive engagement by asking your audience to share thoughts about your latest and greatest product. Reward participants with an entry into a prize draw for an Addi Wireless Speaker, a compact power bank or a folding keyboard.
  • Promotions: Are you planning a sales promotion, or is your product or service seasonal? The real-time nature of Twitter makes it the perfect vehicle to share sales, promotion and event information. Let your in-store clientele know that Twitter is the place to get important information about your company. Drive traffic by giving away stress relievers and phone loungers imprinted with your organization’s Twitter handle.
  • Content: Use Twitter to drive traffic to online content. Tweet a link to your most recent blog, infographic or white paper for maximum exposure. And remember, content that is timely, interactive and, of course, interesting will drive the most engagement.

Twitter quick promote is helping small businesses target their ideal audiences with the click of a button. Give it a try today for more impressions, more clicks and more engagement.


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