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| Updated: June 02, 2021

Trade shows are often crowded with booths, so making yours stand out is key. Adding experiential marketing to your trade show toolkit allows customers to interact with your brand. That makes you more memorable. With the help of unique trade show giveaways, you can help keep those memories fresh for a long time to come.


Put on a show

Eighty percent of event visitors say that live demonstrations and free samples influence their buying choices. And about 41 percent of consumers think events and experiences are the best way to help them understand product benefits. Set up product or service demonstrations and combine them with unique trade show giveaway ideas for a winning combination.

Having unique trade show giveaways to hand out at events is the perfect way to remind them of your new product. If you’re in the automotive industry, consider giving away a Tire Gauge Keychain, for example. Or give people who watch your demonstration a chance to win a cooler with an integrated Bluetooth® speaker.


Get virtual

If your product or service is difficult to demonstrate live, consider showing it off in virtual reality. Give a pair of VR glasses to booth visitors and let them walk through your factory, see your service in action or get up close and personal with your product.


Tell a story

Grabbing attention is essential at a trade show, so think about what makes you stand out. Does your company have an interesting history? Is there a funny story about how your newest product was developed? If so, let your booth do the talking for you. Use a display kit to draw visitors and start conversations. Add tablets or a television to provide a more in-depth experience.


Make it shareable

A stunning 98 percent of consumers generate digital or social content at events, and most of them share that content. Tap into those social shares to extend your booth’s reach outside the trade show. Draw a crowd by having an industry influencer speak at your booth. Encourage visitors to share videos and photos by giving away a selfie stick. Or set up a photo booth or selfie station branded with a special hashtag. Give everyone who shares the content a selfie kit.


Interaction makes an impact

Experiential marketing turns information into interaction. By giving customers unique trade show giveaways and memorable experiences, your brand is sure to stick with them for a long time to come.