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In this issue: Trade show wellness – business travel tips
Trade-show wellness: Business travel tips

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Approximately 78 percent of trade-show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend a show or exhibit. Once they are there, they spend an average of 8.3 hours viewing what they came to see. That can make for a long day of travel, less-than-ideal eating habits and sore, tired feet.

This e-newsletter will offer tips on staying healthy at your next trade show, from overcoming jetlag and making better food choices to fighting germs and stretching to help tired legs and feet. There’s nothing worse than hitting a wall midday or worse yet, coming down with a bug while traveling.

  • Combat jetlag: Jetlag can affect anyone traveling across multiple time zones—you don’t have to fly internationally to get it. The best medicine for jetlag is to prevent it in the first place. This can be accomplished by staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, eating well and getting plenty of rest. If you’re traveling via train or airplane, take advantage of the downtime and use it to nap. An Aero-Snooze Travel Kit, complete with an eye mask and ear plugs, is the perfect way to diminish outside distractions. Provide them to associates attending the show or hand them out as giveaways if you’re exhibiting.
  • Eat well: Day-long travel, hotel lodging and long hours at the expo can make eating well a challenge. There are ways to help prevent a sudden drop in blood sugar while keeping energy levels up. First, drink plenty of water. It can boost energy, promote alertness and reduce fatigue. Also, skip the pastries and donuts and opt for a healthier alternative, such as trail mix, almonds or a PowerBar®. Promote good habits and trade-show wellness by offering healthy snacks and a bottle of water at your booth.
  • Practice good hygiene: You know the drill when it comes to practicing good hand hygiene—avoid touching your face, cough or sneeze into a tissue and wash your hands often. However, even if you follow all the rules of good hygiene, there are still people who don’t, which means cold germs are lurking on most surfaces. Promote good hygiene with hand sanitizer and Antibacterial Wet Wipes. They can help reduce the spread of germs and they make great trade-show giveaways.
  • Energize the body: It’s tough to stay active while traveling and attending seminars, especially when doing so involves sitting or standing still for long periods of time. But a little bit of exercise can go a long way toward boosting the immune system, alleviating joint pain and energizing the body. If stuck seated for long periods, try leg lifts, ankle curls or even glute squeezes to keep muscles loose and increase circulation. If you’ll be standing for the bulk of the day, take short, brisk walks whenever possible and practice stretches that stimulate the calf muscles, ankles and feet. And alleviate upper body aches and pains with simple shoulder shrugs, neck rolls and back arches.

We hope you’ve found a tip or two to help your body feel and stay well while attending your next trade show. Remember, being well-rested, staying hydrated, eating well and exercising can do wonders to boost your energy and keep you going strong all day long.


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