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Did you know that four out of five people attending trade shows have buying authority? And that on average, 76 percent ask for a quote? Were you also aware that, of those who receive a quote, 26 percent end up signing a purchase order before the day’s end? If you’re looking for ways to get more people to visit and spend time at your booth, you may want to consider turning your booth space into lounge space.Lounge space can provide an integral spot for face-to-face time. Lounges offer a place to sit, have a conversation and even generate buzz across the trade show floor. For ideas on creating a booth space that doubles as a lounge, keep reading.

Designing your lounge space

Designing a comfortable space with all the amenities of home can be easy. Just follow these simple tips.

  • Comfort: No lounge space is complete without plenty of comfy seating. Create a living room atmosphere with plush, upholstered furniture, a contemporary area rug, side tables and lamps. Offer food and drink so people can replenish while they visit. Bottled Water, trail mix and Tempting Brownies make perfect pick-me-ups and double as giveaways. Who wouldn’t want to come and relax in a space like this?
  • Curb appeal: Make sure your lounge space doesn’t just feel good, but that it looks good, too. Cool colours and light wood tones are replacing the previously popular industrial look. You can warm up your space by providing shelter from the harsh, fluorescent lights—consider using fabric or some sort of awning to make the space feel cozy and intimate. Draw people in with some sort of relaxing experience, like a massage or the opportunity to prepare a freshly blended smoothie. Serve up their smoothie in a logo’d tumbler.
  • Functionality: If you’re looking for a surefire way to attract people to your booth and get them to stay awhile, equip your space with phone charging stations. Imprint sail signs and display them around the trade show floor, directing people to your booth to kick back, relax and recharge. And if you’re looking to really engage them while they power up, consider doing what Orange County Convention Center did at the International Builders’ Show. Employ charging stations that double as monitors so attendees can watch videos about your products or services while they wait. Keep them thinking about you long after they go with a USB car charger or power bank.

Create a delightful experience for those who visit your booth by making it feel like home. Make sure it’s comfortable, functional and something to look at, and watch the business come in. Give it a try!


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