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| Updated: April 07, 2021 3 min read

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week will run from May 3-7. This special week is an opportunity to say thank you to amazing educators. This year more than ever before, teachers deserve to be recognized with top teacher appreciation gifts.


Organization supplies

Keeping a classroom organized can sometimes feel like an entire job in itself. A tech travel kit ensures they have everything they need whether they’re teaching in the classroom, at home or a combination of both. A desk organizer or caddy ensure pens, pencils and notepads are always nearby. Help them keep lesson plans close at hand—literally—by giving a wearable USB drive.


Self-care items

After a stressful school day (or week), teachers deserve to pamper themselves. Downtime helps decrease stress, which improves mood and makes people more energetic. Promote self-care by gifting a soft chenille blanket, a best-selling novel and links to meditation apps. Throw in a candle and massage set for a totally relaxing gift they’ll always remember.


Creative thanks

Great teachers help students grow while introducing them to new skills, subjects and knowledge. Students can show their appreciation by planting seeds of gratitude and letting the teachers see what sprouts. Have students write or draw what they love about their teacher on a flower-shaped piece of paper or thank-you card. Use them to create a bouquet of appreciative notes and display them in an elegant vase or a cute mug.


Long-lasting bags

A great bag is the secret to teaching success. It can carry everything from papers to school supplies to coffee, and it goes everywhere. Even better, there is a bag that works for just about everyone, making it an ideal teacher appreciation gift idea. A tote is a great supply catch-all, while a messenger bag is ideal for the teacher who takes their computer from home to school and back again. If you’re looking to give them vacation vibes, hand out a big cooler, along with some flip flops and a beach towel. Include a note telling them to enjoy their time off.


Three cheers for educators

Great educators help students excel every day. Giving out top teacher appreciation gifts helps them see just how ‘excel’-lent they are.

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