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| Updated: December 15, 2020 3 min read

Creating a memorable brand is crucial to building a successful business. If you’re looking for ways to make an impression and keep your company front and center, consider branded corporate gifts.

Giving prospects or clients a gift that is tailored to their hobbies (or one that is especially useful) helps them remember your brand as one that pays attention. In fact, 82% of people have a more favourable impression of a brand after receiving a branded promotional item (PDF).

What’s more, customers who feel an emotional connection to a brand, as compared to customers who simply rate themselves as satisfied with a brand, have a 306% higher lifetime value. This means that when thinking about what kind of promotional gift to send, choosing something that’s particularly meaningful can emotionally connect a customer to your brand. Read on for ideas.


Useful gifts that make life easier

One of the top three reasons people keep a promotional product is because it’s functional (PDF). With the holidays just around the corner, you can stand out from the other presents your client receives by sending something that serves a purpose. Think gifts like an umbrella for rainy days or a packable backpack to neatly tuck away gear and essentials for their next adventure.


Office gifts that make work more convenient

Promo desk accessories are kept an average of 13 months. With so many people working from home, sending clients handy little tools to keep on their desk is a great way to get remembered. A USB hub mouse pad is the perfect accessory to send along with a customer’s first-time purchase.


Higher-end gifts to make people feel special

Sending higher-end gifts that make people feel special is sure to leave a positive impression on your customer—especially after closing a big sale. Send an upscale gift, such as a prestigious glass paperweight or a leather-bound journal, to say thanks for doing business. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation to clients for choosing your company.


Hands-on gifts that keep people engaged

People enjoy hands-on projects. With gardening centres across the country seeing surges in demand during the pandemic, it’s clear that Canadian households are gardening more than ever before. Even though cooler weather is upon us, your client may enjoy growing flowers or plants indoors. Consider sending your recurring clients an easy planter kit as a thank-you for their continued loyalty.


Tasty gifts that leave a sweet impression

Everybody loves treats! A box of gourmet cookies is a fantastic branded promotional item to send as a “welcome to the club” gift for first-time customers. They also make great contest prizes and giveaways to help generate leads. And don’t forget existing customers—consider making sweet treats an annual gift to your top clients.

Giving branded corporate gifts that are tailored to who your client is and what they enjoy can make a strong positive impression—and firmly imprint you in their mind as their go-to brand.