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The use of infographics to communicate internally and externally
“Infographics attract a lot of attention. The visual display of information with fantastic imagery often catches people where words alone fail. They often go viral because they are so interesting.”—Douglas Karr, founder of The Marketing Technology BlogInfo … what?
Information graphics (or infographics), according to Jacob Gube, chief editor of Six Revisions.com, are graphical depictions of data and information. By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage viewers.

Also known as data visualization, infographics can breathe life into statistical information by adding pictures, colours and design elements that support the interpretation you want your audience to understand. They can be simple enough to explain a mission statement or market campaign, or detailed enough to explain a complex series of events and relationships.

The style of graphic art, word choice, colours and design can influence the tone of the infographic as well, which has a strong effect on the way the message is perceived. Using a style that hearkens to Soviet Propaganda, for example, gives an oppressive, looming feeling to the data, while the same data, surrounded by cartoon bunnies and flowers, would be far less ominous, possibly silly.

Internal communications
Infographics can be used to explain statistics, processes and organization to your employees and representatives. The use of infographics can make this detailed information more memorable, easy to follow, and often, fun. Whether it be an icon as simple as the triangle of arrows that reminds us to “reduce, reuse, recycle” or a detailed flow chart of decision making, these things are already a part of most workplaces.

Specific internal communications examples:

  • Create a graphic that explains the departments of your company, as well as who carries what responsibilities. This is a crucial piece of information for new hires and can be imprinted on the company’s mouse pads.
  • A better understanding of market breakdown can benefit all employees, no matter how large or small your company. An infographic that overviews your marketing goals, growth or differentiation would be great on a Colour Scheme Spirit Tumbler for each employee.
  • Work flow processes that are being changed or are the focus of new efficiency measures can be simplified and brought to life by infographics that show the progression of a project and the responsibilities of the people involved.
  • Safety procedures such as a call tree, reporting numbers or simple reminders can be made into infographics that are printed on stickers and applied to each phone in the company.

External communications

  • Clients and potential clients need to know exactly what services your company offers. In niche markets this may be harder and harder to define. A great infographic may be the best tool available for this. You may wish to show the numbers of each type of service your company provides, the numbers of staff members you have for each service, or a breakdown of how your company outperforms the competition. Any of these infographics can be printed on a Zippered Portfolio and left with each prospect and proposal.
  • Perhaps your company can quantify the savings or growth your services have brought to your many clients. This information lends itself beautifully to compelling infographics. Printed on a Stainless Steel Water Bottle, your infographic can remind your prospects of your success.
  • A portfolio can easily be represented by an infographic as well. If your company serves a number of different industries or sizes of companies, an infographic can use icons and styles to demonstrate your diverse experience areas.

Reaching greater audiences
As any freshman communications class survivor can tell you, you’re not really communicating if the message isn’t being received and processed by your intended audience.

This is where infographics are profoundly useful and successful. Because your infographic is created digitally, it is seamless and painless to add it to your online and social media campaigns. Submitting your industry-defining infographic to industry blogs and publications will yield interest and multiple links to your sites, adding to your SEO ranking and viral capacity.

Infographics can be trade-specific, define your company and its roles, compare your company to competitors’ work or show the benefits of your company. Your infographic may be message-specific or address your company’s global plans. Truly, the only limits lie within the imagination of your graphic artist, your message leader and the statistics themselves. The rest is art, interpretation and sales!

Karr, Douglas. “Infographic: Why Use Infographics? | Marketing Technology Blog.” Content, Email, Mobile, Social, Search Marketing | Marketing Technology Blog. Marketing Tech Blog. Web. 29 Jan. 2012.

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