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The future of trade show displays

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Ultramodern technologies are transforming the trade show floor. Some displays even make you feel as though you’re walking straight into the future. From geofencing to drones to transparent, hologram-like displays—these revolutionary tactics are making an impact.

This e-newsletter discusses trending exhibit features and offers ideas to make them work for your business. Grab your time-travel suit and hop in your DeLorean as we travel to the future of trade shows. Here are some things you can expect to see on your journey:

  • Geofencing: Think of geofencing as an invisible fence that transmits a message to a person’s smartphone or tablet when the fence is crossed. This is a great way to alert nearby visitors about your booth and what you have to offer. Have your message say something like “Stop by for a product demo in the next 10 minutes, and you’ll be entered to win a Brookstone® Iceless Wine Chiller.” Or “Take a load off at our booth—you could be one of many visitors who will take home a Brookstone® handheld massager.”
  • 3D printing: You’ll knock their socks off when you offer instant, custom-made prototypes created with 3D-printing technology. With the simple use of a touch screen, attendees can create, personalize and take home a prototype or product sample.
  • Drones: Drones have become somewhat of a household name in recent years—they’re being used for everyday activities, like event coverage and crowd monitoring. Why not incorporate drones into your trade show promotion? This will work best during larger, outdoor events. Consider using a drone to “catch” attendees wearing your giveaway, like a hat or T-shirt. If they’re spotted on the big screen, they win a prize. Bluetooth® speakers or headphones are great prize options.
  • Transparent displays: Does your product or process demand a demonstration? Forget the flat-screen monitor or presenter and opt for a transparent display. Holographic technology is enabling marketers to showcase products, facilities and processes like never before. Some are even opting to use transparent displays as standalone informational kiosks in lieu of booth staffers.
  • Augmented reality (AR): Augmented reality is everywhere. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it has endless possibilities. Use AR to spice up your booth graphics or create memorable, interactive presentations and demonstrations. Promotional products work great to recruit participants, too. Consider offering a tablet stand or stylus to those who give it a try.

The trade show floor is evolving—it takes more and more pizazz to grab the attention of your audience. Consider one of these innovative ideas and draw prospects your next exhibit.

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