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I am an incredibly sentimental person, and I have the ‘stuff’ to prove it.  Just ask my husband – I save everything!  Well, not literally everything, but items that commemorate special and important times in our lives – the clothes my babies wore when we brought them home from the hospital,  cards my husband has given to me over the years, and keepsakes from our wedding, just to name a few.  I even have things from college, which I had displayed proudly in my dorm room.

Some of things that I have hung to from my school years are picture frames and photo albums, ribbons and plaques.  I still look back from time to time, and when I get together with friends, it is always fun to go through memorabilia from those years.

As it nears the end of the school year, and graduation time approaches, students, educators, and parents will begin looking back and remembering the special times.  Take some time to be sure that the next couple of months will be enjoyable and memorable for all.  What can you give to students as a remembrance of the year?  How can you thank teachers and staff for all they’ve done?  How will you show appreciation for parents that have helped out with field trips, athletic events, or fundraisers?

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