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| Updated: June 01, 2021

A strong company culture has multiple benefits, from brand awareness to attracting and retaining staff. Yet, 64% of employees feel like they don’t have a strong work culture. As a healthcare organization, promoting a culture of high-quality care can fire up employee engagement and improve customer care. These training giveaways and culture-building tips will help get you started.


Communicate your values to employees

Before employees can help build and maintain your culture, they have to understand it. Make certain your staff members fully comprehend your mission, vision and values. Map out your culture of high-quality care in the employee handbook, hold a meeting to clarify what high-quality care looks like in your organization, and make explaining your culture part of employee onboarding. You can communicate these values to employees with the aid of training giveaways. During onboarding, provide a Hang In There Lanyard imprinted with your mission statement. Or give every new hire an Embossed Linen Paper Folder that contains copies of your mission, vision and values, and examples of how they can be achieved.


Give your employees a voice

When it comes to high-quality care, it helps to remember that great ideas can come from anyone. Make employees feel valued by and invested in your organization by encouraging them to share ideas that would help improve patient care. After all, 70% of employees feel that being empowered to take action is an important part of their engagement. Use training giveaways to help capture employee ideas so they can be put into practice. Create an idea board for the employee lounge and let people share their ideas on extra-large Post-it® Notes. Or hold weekly meetings and give out fun healthcare giveaways, like Syringe Pens to anyone who offers an idea to improve patient care.


Celebrate successes

Improving company culture will always be a challenging, ongoing process. While it can be easy to call out mistakes, focusing on success will be much more productive, making employees feel valued—and presenting the opportunity for other staff members to learn what high-quality care looks like. You can use Moleskine® Hard Cover Notebooks to aid this process. Pass them out to supervisors and managers and encourage them to document instances of high-quality care. Then share those examples at meetings or via weekly all-staff emails.


Create a culture of care

Building a better culture is an ongoing but worthwhile process. With these training giveaways, employee innovations and celebrations of success, the care in your organization is sure to soar.