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| Updated: January 14, 2021 3 min read

A great story connects the storyteller to the reader, touching their heart with a memorable tale.  Sharing stories from your volunteers—and the people they help—is a great way to get your message across. Throw in some nonprofit promotional items, and you have a winning marketing campaign.

In our previous e-news, we shared a variety of methods to help collect stories. Be sure to include those stories in your annual appeal, but don’t forget to put client and volunteer stories in your annual impact report and your newsletter. A blog, website or social media site also make great places to post stories.


Start with your hero

Sharing your subject’s background helps pique your readers’ interest. Talk about your subject’s personal history, family, pets and most importantly, goals. Maybe they want to be a doctor. Or perhaps they strive to help others struggling with the same problems they face. A nonprofit promotional item like a postcard or mini folder can serve as a visually appealing way to share their story. Be sure to include important information on how to support your organization.


Personalize the conflict

Most great stories have a villain. In this case, it’s who or what your organization—and your hero—is fighting. Take the conflict from general to specific. For example, if your organization provides medical care for the homeless, how did the client come to be homeless? And how does your organization help them fight the villain of homelessness?

Personalize their story more by using nonprofit promotional giveaways to remind supporters what you—and your donors—are fighting. For instance, organizations that provide medical care could send supporters a first-aid pocket pack. Or those that use donations to fund clean water initiatives might send a sports bottle.


Explain the impact

A truly heartwarming story ends in triumph. Did your hero get the help they needed? How have their lives changed for the better? In what ways did your volunteer make a difference? Answering these questions will show supporters the true impact of their donations, time and other support. Most importantly: When the story is over, take a moment to remind supporters that there are other heroes who need their help.


Thank your supporters for their part in the story

As your hero’s story ends (and another begins) take a moment to thank donors for helping your hero accomplish their goals. A nonprofit promotional giveaway like a superhero drawstring bag or hot and cold pack will show your gratitude.


Everyone loves a happy ending

A great hero, a big conflict and a happy resolution will help supporters truly understand the important work you’re doing. By sharing stories along with nonprofit promotional items, you can show donors how they can be heroes, too.