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People are always evolving. So, too, are the ways they’re consuming information and sharing it with others. It’s what makes content marketing, how and when you communicate, a dynamic and exciting part of business. Check out the data: In 2012, business-to-business (B2B) marketers invested more than 26 percent of their overall marketing budgets in quality content while smaller enterprises allocated an even bigger share of their budgets towards it.You’ve likely adopted or are looking to adopt a content marketing strategy, but may want some additional ideas. If so, one of the concepts you may want to integrate or consider is called SoLoMo: Social, Local, Mobile.SoLoMo strategy
More and more people are accessing information via social platforms. They’re doing it on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, which are fast-becoming mission critical for marketers. Almost 50 percent of people in Canada have a mobile device. And a majority of them reach for a mobile device to search for something, a business or a brand or an ad campaign, after experiencing it for the first time. Engaging in SoLoMo content marketing will help you reach this ever-increasing audience.

The focus of SoLoMo content is sharibility. Well-crafted content that can be enjoyed by others will likely be shared. Bear that in mind as you develop a strategy to really help you streamline your outreach efforts. Here are three other key concepts and questions worth remembering:

  • Material: What kind of information—statuses, links, blog posts, audio, or video—will you use?
  • Volume: How much content is enough?
  • Velocity: How often do you want to communicate with your network?

If you plan on cross-pollinating content between different social media platforms, get into the habit of drafting an editorial calendar so you can keep all of your content ideas and their release dates in one place. If you haven’t created one before, start with a desk calendar to help you visualize it more clearly.

SoLoMo with style
Now that you’re ready to start, use some of these ideas to develop your SoLoMo strategy even further:

  • Add value. The purpose of content, especially via social media, is to add value. Communicate things you care about, things your audience cares about it. Take advantage of the nature of social media and blogs to really interact with your audience and start meaningful conversations.
  • Gather insight. Introduce new ideas and fundraising opportunities with your social media and mobile channels. Post polls or create contests and offer promotional items like awareness bracelets as a thank you for engaging with you.
  • Keep it short. Focus on compelling pieces about your mission and vision, but keep them brief. (After all, the average attention span is a whopping eight seconds these days.) People make time for social media, though, so think concise sentence-long updates and descriptions.
  • Encourage visitors. Email marketing is an effective way to spread the word about new content and is “sharable,” but less so than social media platforms. Offer a unique opportunity through a special code for a free promotional product, good for an eco-friendly journal or tumbler, and then encourage them to share a pic of their gift via social media with friends and family.
  • Go for mobile marketing. Try permission-based mobile marketing on loyal local followers. Send an SMS (short message service) about important new content updates or upcoming events. Reveal the chance to win a prize for responding to the notification or, when they mention a mobile ad, simply surprise them with a convenient tote bag.

The most effective marketing reaches more than your network. “It…reach[es] your network’s network.” SoLoMo marketing—with its emphasis on friends, existing relationships and sharing—can help you do just that.

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