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Sense appeal: Using the senses to draw visitors to your trade show booth
Sense appeal: Using the senses to draw visitors to your trade show boothWhen preparing your trade show exhibit, you will put a great deal of thought into the way your booth visually looks. While this is important, it’s also important to appeal to the other four senses as well. In doing so, not only are you poised to attract more visitors, but you will also increase the chances that your visitors will recall your booth and your business—studies have actually shown that people are most likely to form, retain and revisit memory when all five senses are engaged.Consider the following tactics to make sure you have all of your senses covered:

Visitors will probably see your booth before they experience any of the other senses your booth may have to offer. That’s why attention-grabbing booths are visually appealing, brightly coloured and welcoming. Draped and branded Convertible Table Throws, along with consistent promotional materials and professionally-outfitted staff are part of the entire visual picture you need to present.

Appeal to visitors’ tactile senses by providing samples of products or allowing them hands-on interaction with a booth element. Researchers have found that consumers who touch a product are more likely to purchase. Additionally, provide display products or giveaways that offer a variety of textures visitors can fidget with while talking. A Mini Sport Ball Football has a texture and shape that makes it hard to resist picking up, and the Pick ‘em Up Game is a fun throw-back to a childhood favourite with an unmistakable texture.

Incorporate live demonstrations, music or scrolling slideshows on an LCD screen with video clips or sound bites of commercials to draw the ears of visitors in your direction. These tools also are a great way to provide insight to the services and products your business has to offer.

Smells stimulate certain areas of the brain responsible for creating emotions and memories. The human nose can identify and recall as many as 10,000 scents and as much as 75 percent of our emotions are generated by what we smell.

Lure people in your direction with scents that are familiar, enticing and unobtrusive. Foods, particularly fresh popcorn, just-brewed coffee or warm cookies, are all good candidates. A couple of non-food item options include Scented Candles or a freshly-scented Hand Sanitizer. A word of caution: many people are very sensitive to scents—so be careful not to overdo it!

The same foods mentioned above that appeal to scent also appeal to taste. Set out a few Gourmet Cookie Gift Boxes. Or, tickle their taste buds with the Mini-Snap It Tin filled to the brim with sugar-free mints or something savory, like a Goldfish Cracker Goody Bag.

These are all simple ways to appeal to the senses of trade show booth visitors. These tactics will entice visitors so you can spend your time talking about your business, products and services. Not to mention, these tactics liven things up a bit, making it fun for others to engage with you and your brand in ways that they will be sure to remember.

For more information about appealing to the senses and sensory marketing—check out our Blue Paper®.

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