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Securing the future of nursing: Tips for recruiting next-generation nurses

Securing the future of nursing: Tips for recruiting next-generation nursesAs you can guess, recruiting a younger generation in 2009 differs from the way healthcare organizations may have recruited in the past. In this e-newsletter, we offer a few tips on tapping into the 18-to-27-year-old job-seeker market:Provide incentives of all types
To many worthy job candidates, it can be hard to decipher the differences between one healthcare organization and the next. Entice these on-the-fence applicants by:

  • Offering a cash sign-on bonus. It may seem old news, but with the rate at which student debt is growing, an immediate monetary reward could move mountains (or at least pay a few months rent!). Promote this employment perk with Dollar Sign Clipsters Paper Clips, Dollar Sign Rubber Bands or Recycled Dollar Sign Bentcils, imprinted with your logo and the sign-on bonus amount. Then, hand them out at campus and community job fairs or local business expos to interested parties as a buzz-builder.
  • Promoting your organization’s in-house mentoring program. New nurses and other healthcare employees alike often feel a bit of trepidation and nervousness upon hire, as nursing can be an overwhelming profession at times. Give considering applicants the 411 on how they will be matched up, how many protégés there are per mentor and what they can expect to gain. By coming into the situation already knowing who the helpful senior staff is, new nurses will feel more confident applying. And they may spread the word to friends.
  • Emphasize your organization’s safety practices and ergonomics. Nursing can be a grueling job on the body physically (and, mentally!), so tout your focus on your team’s well-being. On your website and in recruitment materials list the exact measures you’re taking to combat physical woes. Then, print a short, snappy message on Comfort Slipper Sets, Chubby Eco Gel Pens and Ergonomic Tape Measures for recruitment giveaways to show your team’s physical comfort is important to you!

Be a part of their network
Start an online recruitment center using Facebook’s “page” functionality. Facebook pages allow organizations to create a place within the social network where users can view regularly updated content, images, links and resources about the business or organization.

  • Call your page the “Company ABC Job Center” to attract potential candidates, and begin by inviting the of Generation Y-ers in your area to become a page “fan.” Once they’re fans, they’ll receive consistent updates about any job postings – a definite bonus! Inspire repeat visits by consistently updating your page with new videos that feature current-employee testimonials, photos, job applications, resume resources and interesting forum topics.
  • Reward your page’s fans in other offline ways by holding regular drawings for company merchandise. This will boost awareness even further, eventually drawing more Facebook™ users to your page. Print your company logo and the phrase “I’m a fan on Facebook!” on a variety of nifty giveaways, including Lightweight Hybrid Jackets, Piccolo Mini Totes and colorful Stainless Steel Tumblers. Send them to fans to celebrate their birthdays.

Influence on a peer-to-peer level
When you’re speaking to a new class of recruits, speak to Generation Y on their level:

  • Bring along current employees to your presentations – all of mixed age, experience and background. This will lend to a stronger feeling of connection between job candidates and your organization. Have your staff lead the presentation, taking questions and talking about issues that matter to the next generation of nurses or healthcare workers.
  • Have each of your presenters describe what they most like about their jobs. The honesty will be appreciated by audience members who are used to voicing their opinions. Post photos depicting these moments and to-dos on photo-sharing website Flickr and on your Facebook page, so you can encourage them to see you after the presentations.
  • Let onlookers know where they can connect to your organization and presenters after the job fair or presentation. Offer communication through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or another social networking or instant messaging tool online – these media are right up their alley and will show your dedication to connecting on their terms!

Different times call for different measures. By arming yourself with today’s latest technologies and engaging in two-way conversations with the next generation of nursing recruits, you’ll have a few new tools to use in securing a great team of providers. Good luck!

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