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Reusing and saving money

Trade shows are a considerable investment in both time and resources—especially resources used to purchase booths, booth accessories, giveaways and displays. While there are plenty of affordable options out there, there are also ways your business or organization can cut costs in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.Curious? Check it out.Reuse displays and accessories
While it’d be nice for your business’s booth and displays to change with each tradeshow, that’s simply not an affordable option for everyone. Instead, look for booth displays and accessories that are basic and durable, and then switch the décor and swap out signage to update the look easily and more often.
What’s more, avoid creating graphics on signs and promotional materials that are too event-specific—such as including the name of the trade show or the dates during which an event took place. This will not only allow for these materials to be bought in bulk and reused from show to show, it also enables them to be repurposed. Trade show banners can double as in-store displays, promotional items can be sent with direct mail pieces and so on and so forth.Rent an exhibit
If it’s your first show or you only exhibit at a limited number of shows each year, a rental unit is the perfect solution. You can have a fresh look for every show, without having to purchase a new exhibit each year.

Consider portable and modular exhibits

Using both modular and portable trade show exhibits, like the curved floor display or the pop-up counter can greatly save on shipping and installation costs. Portable exhibits are the perfect choice for most booth spaces. They’re generally just big enough to fill a 10-foot space, but can cost considerably less than traditional trade show exhibits to purchase or to ship, and are easy to assemble.

BYOS (bring your own supplies)
The cost to rent chairs, tables, carpets, trash cans, LCD monitors and more add up. If your business exhibits frequently, it might be time to make the investment in your own supplies. In comparison, the expense of renting can be more than shipping your own, and you can make sure that every element in your booth matches your brand.

Strategic giveaways

Instead of selecting one item to give away to all trade show attendees, consider cutting costs by offering different giveaways to different attendees. For example, prior to exhibiting, identify those attendees with the highest likelihood of conducting business with you or those attendees who your business is serious about pursuing as leads. Purchase a handful of more expensive and personalized giveaways for them, like clip tool kit or Slide Card Micro USB Drives with personalized presentations on them, and provide less expensive and more general giveaways to everyone else, like coolies or pens.

Trade shows can be expensive—but they don’t have to be. By reusing and repurposing displays and thinking a little bit out of the box (or the booth, as it were) your business is sure to see the biggest bang for your buck.

Daffodil Month
National Oral Health Month
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month
Parkinson Awareness Month
Poetry Month
Records Management Month
National Wildlife Week: 2nd Week
Ontario Coaches Week: 2nd Week
World Homeopathy Awareness Week: 2nd Week
National Medical Laboratory Week: 3rd Week
National Soil Conservation Week: 3rd Week
National Volunteer Week: 3rd Week
National Dental Hygiene Week: 13-19
National Victims of Crime Awareness Week: 13-19
Arts and Culture Week: 20-26
National Organ Donor Awareness Week: 20-27
National Organ Donor Week: 4th Week
1-2: National 30-hour Famine
2: World Autism Day
7: World Health Day
17: International Hemophilia Day
17: National Law Day
20-22: Global Youth Service Days
22: Earth Day
23: World Book and Copyright Day
25: World Meningitis Day
29: International Make-A-Wish Day
Asian Heritage Month
National Asthma Awareness Month
Speech and Hearing Awareness Month
Blood Pressure Month
Car Care Month
Celiac Awareness Month
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
Community Living Month
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
International Doula Month
Hemochromatosis Awareness Month
Huntington Disease Awareness Month
MedicAlert Month
MS Awareness Month
Museum Month
National Physiotherapy Month (April 24-May 24)
Red Shield Month
Sexual Abuse/Assault Prevention Month
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month
Vision Health Month
Allergy Awareness Week: 1st Week
Drinking Water Week: 1st Week
Education Week (April 28 – May 2)
Emergency Preparedness Week: 1st Week
Hospice Palliative Care Week: 1st Week
International Youth Week: 1st Week
National Composting Awareness Week: 1st Week
Spinal Health Week: 1st Week
National Mental Health Week: 1st Week
National Kids Day: 1st Week
Esophageal Cancer Awareness Week: 2nd Week
Family Caregiver Week: 2nd Week
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week: 2nd Week
National Nursing Week: 2nd Week
National Police Week: 2nd Week
North American Occupational Health and Safety Week: 2nd Week
Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week: 2nd Week
National Astronomy Week: 5-10
Safe Boating Week: 3rd Week
National Road Safety Week: 3rd Week
National VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) Week: 3rd Week
National Access Awareness Week: 4th Week
National Sun Awareness Week: 4th Week
National Water Safety Week: 4th Week
Aboriginal Awareness Week: 22-25
1: World Press Freedom Day
5: International Day of the Midwife
6: World Asthma Day
8: International Thalassemia Day
8: World Red Cross Day
10: National Astronomy Day
10: World Lupus Day
12: International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
12: Canada Health Day
12: International Nurses Day
14: World Fair Trade Day
15: International Day of Families
17: Interational Day Against Homophobia
18: International Museums Day
21: World Day for Cultural Development
25: National Missing Children’s Day
25: World MS Day
28: National Multiple Births Awareness Day
29: Active Healthy Kids Day
31: World No-Tobacco Day
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