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Regional giveaways

One the biggest inspirations for giveaways and trade show booth decorations can be right under your very nose. Take a cue from the region, state or city your business is presenting in and theme your efforts around those.Wondering what we mean? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Weather
    There are many areas of the country that are known for weather—The Sunshine State, the rain in Seattle, the cold in Minnesota, tornadoes in Kansas, autumn in New England. Play up the weather as a way to decorate your booth and to tie in giveaways that are sure to make an impression, like Sunscreen on a Clip, rugby scarves or umbrellas.
  • Landmarks
    Instead of printing just your logo on giveaway items like T-shirts or brew pub glasses, consider instead an image of a local landmark paired with your company name or logo, say the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch or the Empire State Building, to transform trade show swag into a commemorative item.
  • State pride
    State colors, songs, birds, flowers, flags—every state has them, why not appeal to local attendees by incorporating these things subtly in your booth display? Use colors in table drapes (any), hand out magnets with your contact information shaped like the state you’re in, or imprint these images on mints placed in a nice bowl tabletop.
  • Sports
    Speaking of colors, consider incorporating the colors of local sports teams into the design of your booth or the apparel worn by staff manning the booth. Purchase official team gear to give as prizes to trade show goers who leave their business cards behind for a drawing or to the first ten people who check-in to the trade show floor on FoursquareSM.
  • Local trivia
    Set up an easel with note paper or a dry erase board with a question about local trivia to entice visitors to stop at your booth and chat. Offer small prizes like chocolate coins to everyone who does stop.
  • Regional economy
    Technology in Silicon Valley (USB keychains), lumber in the Northwest (pulp-board coasters), industry in the Midwest (wrench-shaped pens)—play up the local economy by working images or themes into your booth presence and giveaways.
  • Travel guides
    A more subtle option in working in the locale to your booth can also double as a nice customer service gesture. For example, grab some inexpensive travel guides from the local visitor’s bureau and place a sticker with your logo and website on the cover to offer as a takeaway for passersby.
  • Food and drink
    There are many directions for this theme to take, from raffling gift cards to local restaurants, to creating  gift bags filled with special foods and beverages that are unique to or made exclusively in the city your business is exhibiting in. Food and drink themes also offer a great opportunity for networking after the trade show—invite booth visitors to attend a happy hour gathering at a well-known local pub or coffee at a unique café.

The bottom line here is to have fun with it—show visitors and fellow exhibitors that your business put thought into personalizing your trade show presence in order to draw them in and build relationships.

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