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Recruiting Millennials

The Millennial workforce is currently 53.5 million strong, accounting for one in three American workers. In just ten short years, this number is expected to rise to three in four, which is great news for industries looking to fill positions with fresh new faces. However, fewer and fewer Millennials are choosing a career in teaching. In fact, when surveyed about their interest in becoming a K-12 teacher, only 17 percent were very interested, while 40 percent had no interest whatsoever. The potentially shrinking Millennial workforce pool brings about the ever-increasing importance of recruitment with the perks—not necessarily fringe benefits and stocked lounges—that matter most to this generation.

This e-newsletter will discuss ways to attract Millennials and offer tips for administrators who want to gain a better understanding of what is most important to the future generation of teachers.

  • Technology: Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000, are the first generation to grow up completely submerged in information technology. They have been described as a “mobile-first” generation, and to them, technology is a way of life, one which they expect to flow through to the classroom. In fact, 22 percent say they would be less likely to accept a job if mobile weren’t an integral part of an organization’s standard work environment.

Attract and retain Millennials by promoting your mobile-first company culture. And if you don’t offer this type of work environment, you may need to reconsider or risk losing the potential to recruit top talent. Welcome recruits and new teachers (and show your school’s love for technology) with a gift that includes a logo’d iPad® sleeve and stylus pen, accompanied by a list of top ten educational apps colleagues use.

  • Collaboration: Millennials were the first generation to grow up in the world of social media. They’ve grown accustomed to sharing their thoughts, ideas and lives online, which makes the opportunity for collaboration, either in person or virtually, a must.

Ensure your district supports collaboration with others in a variety of ways, including social channels such as Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn®. These sites are great resources for ideas, research, opinions and best practices and also provide a means to connect with colleagues and other industry associates. Forbidding social sites on the job is not only counterproductive, it can leave Millennials feeling isolated and unmotivated.

Protect teachers and students alike by putting social media policies in place. New and veteran teachers will appreciate knowing the boundaries. And, as you likely know, simply adopting a policy is never enough. Training is key. Lunch-n-learn sessions provide time and opportunity to review policies and go over questions and concerns. Distribute media loungers, hashtag stress relievers and smart phone wallets to reward thoughtful participation.

  • Flexibility: Doing what we do because it has always been done that way will never fly with Millennials. This generation expects flexibility and support from administration in providing customized learning experiences. A “teach how your students learn best” approach, and the blessing for students to demonstrate knowledge in non-traditional ways, melds best with millennial teachers.

Focus on what’s important to Millennial teachers—technology, collaboration and flexibility are the sure way to a Millennial’s heart. For more on this generation, check out our Millennials Blue Paper.

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