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| Updated: January 18, 2021

Acknowledging donations is an important part of fundraising. A heartfelt thank you shows them you received their donation, you appreciate it and, more importantly, you value them. Time, money and staff are limited for most nonprofits, so thanking donors can be a challenge. And coming up with fresh ideas can be tough.

This article offers several tips on how to best show gratitude as well as thank-you gift bag ideas for those important people who support your cause.

Donor gift ideas

The best donor appreciation gifts have a few things in common:

They’re personal

Donor gift ideas mean more when you put some thought into them. Any gift bag can be easily personalized just by including a handwritten note. If you want to do more than the traditional thank-you card, have each employee sign the gift bag. Include a personal note on a magnetic notepad or journal that you can tuck inside a gift basket. Or, jot a personal message on a ceramic chalkboard mug. Include a packet of hot chocolate or a gift card to a local coffee shop for a special touch. If possible, deliver your gift in person. If that’s not an option, be sure to make a thank-you phone call (and mention that a gift will soon be arriving).

They are detailed

The best gifts show donors how their support contributes to your organization’s success. Say “thanks a bunch” with a botanical themed gift bag (#1659-1310-FC). Put a flower pot pen and some with flower seed packets imprinted with your organization’s progress, the number of people helped or a list of ongoing initiatives in the gift bag. Really go with the theme by wrapping it all in floral tissue paper. Or, encourage them to stick with your organization with a useful Sticky Pad and a sticky note organizer.

They give recognition

Acknowledge donors by name on your website, in newsletters and on social media. Then go a step further by providing something that can be proudly worn or carried, such as a lapel pin or knit beanie. Tuck them inside a reusable shopping tote for a memorable presentation. Imprint gifts with your organization’s logo and the words, “loyal supporter.”


Remember to always thank your donors with a personal, detailed gift that acknowledges their contributions. We hope these thank-you gift bag ideas help your nonprofit put together the perfect donor appreciation gift.