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Onsite wellness services boost morale - and your bottom line

You’re likely no stranger to the link between employee engagement and on-the-job performance. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable and provide better customer service than their unengaged counterparts. Overall, companies with engaged employees outperform unengaged employees by up to 202 percent.

However, only 29 percent of employees are actively engaged at work. Worse yet, 26 percent are actively disengaged. One way to increase engagement is by offering real-time employee feedback. Keep reading to find out more.

How to give employee feedback

Offering real-time feedback, in lieu of saving comments for annual performance reviews, improves employee performance immediately, fosters a culture that strives for excellence and enables employees to connect their actions with business outcomes. In turn, employees are more involved in their work. For tips on providing real-time feedback in your organization, read on.

  • Define expectations: Ask employees to define their expectations—their roles, responsibilities and needs. Management should do the same. Use the two lists as a starting point to come up with an agreed-upon list of expectations. This acts as the foundation of your real-time (or any) assessment.
  • Meet frequently, and use multiple methods: Real-time feedback can be provided in daily chat sessions, weekly one-on-one meetings, in person, over the phone or through an app, such as Slack® or Presto™.  Regardless of how you provide feedback, be sure to reflect on the expectations you set. Use those expectations as a guideline to evaluate performance, measure progress and set new goals.
  • Give and receive: Providing feedback should be viewed as a two-way street. When giving employees feedback, ask how you can help them better perform their jobs. If you’re trying to build a culture that seeks out constructive feedback, management should be no exception. The same goes for peer assessment. After all, who better to help an employee improve performance than those who work directly with them every day?
  • Reward good performance: Immediate acknowledgment for a job well done helps reinforce positive behaviour. A handwritten thank you or recognition Post-it® is a quick and easy way to offer praise. Or use a more tangible award, such as a company logo’d fleece, travel tumbler or iPad® sleeve, to reward those who meet their goal or go above and beyond expectations.

Say goodbye to the once-a-year performance review and hello to real-time employee feedback. Continuous, real-time interaction can help boost employee engagement and improve performance—a win for all!

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