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PURLS and tradeshows = a perfect match

Nope, that’s not a knitting reference and it’s definitely not a nod to that priceless heirloom your grandma wears around her neck—we’re talking about personalized URLs. Personalized URLs, or PURLS, are a Web tactic that offers your business a fun opportunity to impress and entice tradeshow-goers.Essentially, a PURL is a Web page that has been created with an individual in mind that is unique to them, often incorporating their name into your website’s URL, like www.yoursite.com/jane-doe. The content on these pages is tailored to best meet their needs or appeal to their interests, based on other information you have previously obtained from them, such as industry, profession, location, past purchases, etc. with the hopes of promoting an event or service, making a sale or providing customer service. PURLs are usually created in mass quantities by special software available online for direct marketing purposes or developed with the help of a business’s IT department and used in conjunction with traditional mail and e-mail direct marketing strategies.PURLs are an alluring option to marketers and users alike. First and foremost, the sight of a person’s name attached to a website captures attention—so much so that studies have shown that people are twice as likely to click on a link with their name on it as opposed to links that don’t.
Second of all, the unique nature of PURLs allows for serious measurement—you have a clear picture of who is looking at a page when used with website analytic tools and can draw conclusions as to what messages lead to sales, what type of marketing pieces are most effective and more. Lastly, the use of PURLs hasn’t quite reached a saturation point—meaning there is still a novelty attached to them, something a tradeshow representative certainly knows holds value in appealing to booth visitors.Take note of these options for incorporating PURLs at your next tradeshow:

  • A month or two before the tradeshow get a list of attendees and create PURLs for each one. Then, distribute a direct mail or e-mail piece promoting the presence of your business at the upcoming show, including the PURL that leads to customized welcome pages. These pages could include the recipient’s name and information most pertinent to her title, business and industry, such as services or products that are most relevant to her or talking points to encourage a stop at your booth.
  • Include a special gift offer through the PURL, like a bright branded Stowaway Cube Cooler or a pen gift set that requires your potential customers to print a voucher and bring it with them to your booth.
  • Create a memorable giveaway item, like Fortune Cookies or Beverage Wrench Key Tag, with a PURL unique to the top-tier tradeshow attendees your business is hoping to reach.
  • Keep track of booth visitors and conversations as best as you can in order to collect critical conversation points—then use this information to create PURLs. Reference conversations that took place and recommend links and resources for more information or to products and services they may be interested in. Send these visitors a handwritten note or e-mail with a link to the PURL.
  • Following a tradeshow, use the list of tradeshow attendees to send a direct mail thank-you and one last memorable sway item, like a  mouse pad or magnets, and include a PURL with more information and a follow-up call to action.

PURLs and tradeshows are the perfect pairing for businesses looking to connect with customers in a new and engaging way. Just remember: It’s knit one and PURL two.

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