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Promoting new courses

The decision to offer new courses is vital not only to attract new students and faculty, but also to retain the ones that you have. Today, more and more students are demanding a variety of courses to suit their individual interests and needs, and course offerings are becoming one of the top deciding factors when it comes time to choosing a school.There are infinite new fields of study emerging to keep up with today’s student demand for choices. No longer are your basic History and Biology 101 courses making the cut for students. Interesting choices and alternatives such as the History of Pirates of the Caribbean or Bioterrorism are emerging as other options to the basic, general requirements. Make sure your school is among the first to offer students these exciting options.New courses can help you increase enrollment, enhance your students’ knowledge and provide them with a rich and varied learning experience. However, to only provide new course options isn’t enough. You need to get the word out. Promote expanded course offerings and encourage enrollment to students and parents with the following tips:

Announce new course offerings at an assembly
Hold an assembly alerting students to any new classes being offered. Summarize class content and explain how individual courses can benefit students. Encourage assembly attendance and participation with fun giveaways that can be tossed into the audience like fold-up flyers and beach balls imprinted with your message. Send attendees off with a tote containing booklets describing new classes and info on how to register.

Promote new classes during orientation
New student orientation presents a great opportunity to educate new students on what you have to offer. Set up a booth or table equipped with plenty of information on new classes and someone qualified to answer questions. Drive traffic to your booth or table by offering doughnuts or cookies and bottled water imprinted with your message.

Homeroom announcements
Make an announcement in homeroom stating what new courses will be offered and when. Be sure to let students know what requirements these new course offerings will cover and any prerequisites that may be required. Provide a giveaway such as a multi-attachment USB adaptor imprinted with your school’s logo and the webpage where new class offerings are listed.

Direct mail and e-mail
Send a letter or postcard to students and parents letting them know that new classes are available. Include a class description, schedule and information on how to find out more.

Send an e-mail blast to all student email accounts. Don’t forget to include a link to the class description and info on how to sign up. Also, encourage students to forward the e-mail on to friends and family.

Social media
Reinforce your message by posting on social media outlets. This important tool will go a long way to remind current students that you are offering new classes and to put the message out to potential students as well.

It is important to remember that today’s students demand choice. Let them know that your school ensures there is something for everyone by keeping class offerings exciting and new.

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