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According to Sector Source, more than 170,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations are competing for the support of donors and volunteers in Canada. This translates into $10.6 billion from individual donors alone, plus more than 2 billion volunteer hours each year. Who doesn’t want a piece of this pie?

Many of you may be wondering how to promote your nonprofit so your organization stands out from the crowd. Offer your supporters a tangible token of thanks for their time and money while gaining exposure for your brand at the same time. Explore some of the best promotional items for nonprofit promotion and learn how to use them to further your cause.

Best promotional items for nonprofit promotion
Promotional items can be an effective way to gain exposure and support for your cause. And the money spent on giveaways can generate the same return on investment (ROI) as other media investments, making them a cost-effective tool for nonprofit promotion. Learn how to promote your nonprofit with promotional products supporters will love.

  • Gain exposure: Promotional items, especially those that are worn or carried, are excellent at increasing brand exposure for your nonprofit. In fact, according to one study, promotional products outperform radio and outdoor advertising when it comes to ROI. Totes, fleece jackets, folding chairs or stadium blankets are likely to be used by on-the-go supporters and can put your brand in front of countless eyes.
  • Thank supporters: Some of the best promotional items are those that express appreciation. Regularly expressing gratitude to donors keeps your cause top of mind. Consider a logo’d tumbler or glass set for individual donors. A plaque or award that can be displayed in a lobby or office may be a suitable choice for corporate supporters.
  • Fundraise: Want to get a two-for-one deal on your efforts? Use promotional items for nonprofit promotion at fundraisers. Not only do logo’d raffle items generate revenue, they also increase brand awareness. And imprinted picnic baskets or rolling coolers make fantastic revenue-generating raffle items.

If you’re wondering how to promote your nonprofit to make it stand out among the masses, look no further than promotional products. They are ideal for gaining brand exposure, fundraising and thanking loyal supporters. Try one or more of these nonprofit promotion ideas to make your organization stand out and shine.


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