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Prime real estate: Make the best use of booth space

The average size of a trade show booth space in North America is 100-200 square feet … or, in other words: small. So, how do you make the best of the space that you have?We have a few ideas.First, consider your possible exhibit configurations. Some trade shows allow for a variety of choices in setup and space. Not all trade shows offer each one as a possibility but, given the choice, choose the one that is most cost-efficient for your business, giving you the most bang for your buck. A few popular options are:

  1. Inline or linear
    Usually surrounded on three sides by other booths, these exhibit spaces are the most difficult to work with. Unfortunately, they are also the most common. Try to obtain a corner space to have extra exposure on an additional aisle and more entry points to accommodate traffic. Utilize bright colours and displays that pop in order to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Island
    This configuration has aisle exposure on all four sides and is great for attracting and interacting with visitors from all angles. Keep in mind that displays and signage should be viewable from all sides. Circular displays such as the Fabric Case-to-Counter Display can double up as space-saving storage during shows.
  3. Peninsula
    Three sides of your booth are exposed in this exhibit configuration, making this a nice compromise between the two extremes of the inline and island options. Be mindful that your table set up in this configuration does not become a barrier between you and your visitors.
  4. Cross aisle
    Approach visitors from two sides with this configuration of two inline exhibits directly across from one another. Attendees must pass through your territory in order to complete the aisle, making your booth hard to miss. Relate the two booths visually with similar displays like branded Crystal Balloons.

Then, consider the arrangement possibilities within your space.

  • Maximize space on your tabletop by utilizing floor or hanging displays and signage. Try our Drapery Banner or the Mega Retractor Banner.
  • Don’t arrange your booth with your table at the outermost edge of the booth. Instead, arrange tables and displays within your booth space, creating an inviting and casual area to engage attendees.
  • If you have a lot of collateral and a few swag items to give away, prepackage them in branded tote bags to distribute. This will eliminate clutter and create an opportunity to engage with passersby. The Carry All Tote Bag or the Contrast Stitch Sling Tote are perfect totes for this purpose.
  • Don’t waste space with chairs. Ask that those manning your booth stand—not only will this save on space, but it also encourages interaction with visitors.

We can’t always choose the ideal booth configuration, but there are always options for making the best of your booth space. Get creative, think like a visitor and utilize displays and props that are sure to draw in visitors and make a lasting impression!

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