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Presentation tools for the tradeshow floor

Let’s face it—a well-designed, good-looking booth is no longer enough. In order to draw trade show attendees in and engage them with your product or service in a meaningful and memorable way, it’s time to up the ante. From traditional displays to cutting edge presentations, here are a few fresh ideas for creating a trade show presentation that rocks.Low-tech tools The good ol’ standbys of easels, flip-charts and whiteboards have been a constant in presenters’ arsenals for years and for good reason. These tools might be low-tech, but they’re affordable and they travel well. It’s how you use them that really matters. Instead of loading them up with information to simply display at your booth, man these tools with a booth presenter and turn it into an ongoing activity that aims to engage visitors and passersby. Play a game of Pictionary based on product or industry terms, use them as visual tools to explain your sales process or describe how something is manufactured. Create a FAQ board based on the day’s most popular questions as they happen or take it one step further and crowd-source input and ideas on the spot by encouraging visitors to write-in their two cents. Or, take a simplistic approach to encourage curiosity. Use a flip chart or whiteboard to write one word—could be a word that relates to your industry, your brand, your services or products—that is ambiguous enough to get people asking, “Why is that word up there?” Then, lead them into a conversation through your explanation. Low-tech tools certainly aren’t flashy, but they can really cut through the clutter to great conversations if used well! Mid-tech tools Increasingly commonplace on the trade show floor, mid-tech presentation tools like LCD screens or projectors with looped slideshows are great for enticing people to stop and check out your booth while adding colour and movement to your overall display. Take it to the next level, though, and move beyond the boring, old slideshow. Software like Prezi™, KeynoteSM, Captivate™ and Flash help you easily create beautiful and visually interesting presentations that can also be incredibly informative. Say goodbye to static slides with bulleted lists and hello to HD slides that feature lovely fonts, templates and colour palettes, video integration and professional quality animation. What you have to say isn’t boring, so why should your presentation be? Take it even one more step closer to awesome by preloading USB drives and give away in gift bags with other swag items to those who stop and chat. High-tech tools If you really want to wow, take a nod from some seriously high-tech presentation tools like 3-D projection mapping and augmented reality. Not familiar? Here’s the breakdown.

  • 3-D projection mapping is slowly making the jump from big budget auto shows and guerilla marketing stunts to more mainstream tradeshow settings. Essentially, it involves HD projectors “mapping” 3-D images onto an actual object. Perfect for creating mesmerizing product demonstrations, it’s been utilized by big brands like Hyundai™ and Toshiba™ to captivate audiences and create trade show buzz. For Hyundai, it involved suspending a Hyundai Accent on the side of a building as six HD projectors mapped a 3-D scene in which the Accent rides through a futuristic, computer-generated cityscape (Check out the unbelievable stunt here) while Toshiba used the technology to ‘wow’ trade show attendee’s in Berlin (Watch that one here).
  • Augmented reality (AR) is essentially a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics. Quickly becoming a great way to engage consumers by encouraging them to experience a product in an interactive way, AR holds untold possibilities in the trade show setting. Take product demonstrations, for example. Recently, Lego™ launched a series of AR kiosks in stores that enable consumers to hold Lego boxes up to AR retrofitted cameras to view on a screen a 3-D image of what the finished model would look like. Translate this to the trade show setting to enable visitors to experience all that your brand has to offer without bringing all the accoutrements. (See a video of Lego’s demo here).

Make your booth stand out from the crowd—rethink your definition of a trade show presentation with new tools today!

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