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Podcasts as part of your content marketing strategy

According to communications consultant and blogger Natalie Wires, “’podcast listeners’ are a highly sought-after demographic for marketers, largely because it’s composed of well-educated, social sharers who find ways to consume commercial-free media.” Edison Research®, which has been studying podcasting since 2005, reports that its consumption is on the rise.  Edison’s most recent study estimated growth in podcasting from about 39 million monthly consumers in 2014 to 46 million per month in 2015.To learn more about podcasting, its benefits and how to integrate it into your organization’s content marketing strategy, keep reading. This e-newsletter offers tips on creating effective podcasts and promoting them to your listeners.

The benefits of podcasts

Podcasting, as part of your marketing plan, offers numerous benefits. First, audio builds a connection with your listeners. As you share your story, enthusiasm, emotion and expertise shine through. Second, podcasts are convenient and easy to consume because they can be listened to anytime, anywhere. Unlike reading an article or news story, listeners generally are engaged and listen for the duration. And third, podcasts are easy and quick to produce, making them a worthwhile addition to your organization’s content strategy. A computer, a microphone, editing software and a voice fit for the airways are all you need to get started.

Elements of effective podcasts

All great podcasts have four elements:

  • Excellent content. A valuable podcast acts as a source for the latest news, current trends and best stories. You will build a base of followers by delivering content that’s interesting, relevant and timely.
  • Personality. Your podcasters must have personality! The speakers must be conversational, articulate and friendly, and their tone should match that of the target audience.
  • Helpful resources. The audio nature of podcasts can leave listeners in the cold when it comes to accessing referenced websites, books or other resources. Include reference links on your podcast’s download page or within the podcast itself if short enough to dictate.
  • Promotion: A podcast, especially when building your following, is only as good as its promotion. Help people discover your work by posting it in podcast directories, such as iTunes® or TuneIn Radio. There are numerous other sources available. House the podcast on your website, and share the link on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and Google+®. You can even post to Pinterest®.Incentivize listeners to download podcasts with prize drawings for wireless headphones, Bluetooth® speakers or media stands. And don’t forget to promote podcasts at your brick-and-mortar locations, too. Imprint ear buds and cord wraps with the message: “Visit <link> to hear our latest story.”  Give these promotional products to customers with their purchases!

When creating your content marketing strategy, consider podcasts. They’re easy to produce, they engage your listeners and they are a perfect way to connect with your audience. Give it a go!

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