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Graduation is a significant event that celebrates the next step in life. Whether the ceremony recognizes the accomplishments of a preschooler to kindergarten or from college to working adulthood, it’s a momentous occasion to build excitement for what is yet to come.



Taking the next step to kindergarten is a pretty big event for little ones, and often a very sentimental one for parents! For moms and dads, offer tissues for their tears of joy or an imprinted picture frame for their memories. Give the kids a little something as a reward, too, like an educational coloring book or a paper crown that makes them feel like royalty!

Elementary School

Elementary school is a time for students to develop friendships and discover what interests they may have, such as academics, athletics or volunteering. Celebrate the successful journey through elementary school with journals for classmate and teacher autographs. Add some fun with sunglasses—and don’t forget the balloons!

Middle School

Middle school is an exciting and scary time, and making the move to high school can fill students with these emotions and more. The high school building and class sizes may be bigger, but there may be many more opportunities for student involvement and activities. Get them ready for these new experiences with high school logo’d t-shirts, and offer photo albums to moms and dads.

High School

High school graduation can be a very emotional event for students and parents alike. Students will be making big decisions about their future, and many may be moving out of the house for the first time. Laundry bags, cookbooks and kitchen essentials can be useful, practical gifts they’ll appreciate for years to come. It doesn’t have to be all tears and practicality, though. After the ceremony, extend the applause by handing out clappers and megaphones!


College graduations span many different stages of life and graduates are moving on to various opportunities. Find a unique way to commemorate the event.  Send graduates off with luggage tags for their future travels, or portfolios they can use for interviews and meetings. Seeded programs are useful during the ceremony and can be planted afterward. What an eco-friendly way to symbolize students’ transition into their new life!

No matter which graduation students are celebrating, there are several ways to add excitement and applaud their success. Give them a celebration to remember!

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