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| Updated: September 30, 2020

Parental leave—Good for families and employers


Get ready for the next baby boom—courtesy of the millennials. Because of this, parental leave will grow in importance. Only 1 percent of employers offer unlimited maternity leave, but almost two-thirds of employees—64 percent—favor unlimited leave.[1]

Some employers balk at the costs around providing parental leave, including hiring a temp, decreased productivity from colleagues covering for the team member on leave and the price tag of providing benefits while a worker is out. But, losing a talented employee is more costly when you figure in the resources needed to recruit and train a replacement.[2]

Google® says its parental leave policy helps the organization avoid costly turnover and retain the skills and expertise of parents. The tech giant reported increased retention rates after boosting its paid leave from 12 weeks to 18 weeks for biological moms.[3] Google executive Susan Wojcicki wrote in The Wall Street Journal®, “I know from experience that being a mother gave me a broader sense of purpose, more compassion and a better ability to prioritize and get things done efficiently.[4]


Benefits of parental leave

Evidence shows that parental leave benefits both parents and employers:[5],[6],[7]

  • Almost all California businesses impacted by the state’s mandatory paid medical leave law—91 percent—report the policy either boosted profits or had zero impact. These businesses also reported “improved productivity, higher morale and reduced turnover.”
  • According to research by Ernst & Young, “millennials around the world are more likely than other generations to cite paid parental leave as an important benefit.”
  • A generous parental leave program builds a company’s culture, which helps make it “easier to recruit outstanding people.” For example, staffing firm Synergis, which competes against huge companies, grew 25 percent in 2015, thanks in part to the 12 paid weeks it offers to new moms. “Our culture is a great differentiator,” said CEO Doug Ross. “How we treat our people makes us stand out not just as employers but also in our space.”


Tips for parental leave

Update your benefits for parents with these inspiring tips. They won’t work for every business, but they’ll get your creative juices flowing:[8],[9],[10]

Be prepared. Document processes and procedures touched by parents going out on leave to make the transition smooth. Your team also will need to cross train to cover for new parents. Their absence is an opportunity for colleagues to take on more responsibility and expand their skills. If necessary, develop relationships with freelancers to ensure your productivity doesn’t flag.


Support child care. For parents who work outside the home, child care is a major concern and expense. Onsite child care and/or child care subsidies may not be on the table for most businesses. But, a bring-your-child-to-work policy could really help out parents on school holidays. Kids experience a different side of their parents, and it helps “foster a workplace community.” To show you understand the huge role of child care, provide new parents with a logo’d diaper bag kit or children’s backpack for school-agers. A well-organized bag eases child-care and school drop off.


Offer novel perks. For example, Twitter® hosts quarterly roundtables for new parents and parents-to-be to chat about family life. This is a low-cost idea that could be adopted by an organization of any size. Ask your people for suggestions, and turn to them for leadership and coordination.


Say congratulations! Last but not least, send new parents a gift to celebrate their new arrival. An imprinted first year calendar, snuggly bear softie or microfleece blanket shows parents their “work family” is excited about its latest member!


Customize a parental leave program that works for your people and is compliant with federal, state and local laws. Happy, healthy parents make for happy, productive employees!

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