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Tiny House BuildersSM, Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Nation®, and Tiny House, Big LivingSM: The popularity of these television shows has brought tiny living to the mainstream. Even if this lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you, it may inspire a helpful tip or two for doing more with less—a concept already familiar to many in the public sector.

Learn several helpful ideas and tricks for organizing small office spaces and making the most of tiny work areas.

Office ideas for small spaces

  • Think holistically: Don’t limit workspaces to cubicles or private offices. Instead, think about the big picture.. Use common areas for collaboration and meetings, allow for flexible seating and permit some work to be done from home.
  • Go paperless: Although it may not be possible to go completely paperless, reducing the amount of paper you use comes with several benefits. In addition to keeping files organized, confidential and secure, a paperless office saves on space. Need files on the go? Provide employees with a USB lanyard for easy, paperless access.
  • Clear clutter: Clutter has a way of stifling both productivity and clarity. Encourage employees to evaluate their space and purge or consolidate what’s not necessary. Tidiness is also a must. Ask employees to keep coats, bags and lunches in designated areas—not at their workspace, if possible.
  • Use organizational tools: A place for everything and everything in its place is the mantra for small workspaces. Provide purposeful desk organizers to help keep things orderly—a Colour Pop Desk Tray or an Office Buddy Cube are perfect for small spaces. Inboxes can help employees manage their workflow. Cord and cable organizers are thoughtful organizational tools, too.

Organizing small office spaces can be a cinch with these tips. Give one or more of them a try to maximize your work area and your productivity.

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