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    Onsite wellness services boost morale - and your bottom lineImagine offering a benefit that improved team wellness, reduced healthcare costs and boosted productivity. Onsite wellness programs can provide a variety of health services, including vaccinations, education, and even massages—all a short stroll from employees’ desks. South of the border, about 30 percent of larger employers (those with 5,000-plus workers) have onsite health clinics. And, about two-thirds of them have plans to expand.

    Onsite wellness services offer many benefits to employees and employers. A perk like this may attract potential employees who appreciate work-life balance. Offerings like vaccinations and stress-relieving massage therapy also help employees fend off illnesses like the cold and flu, all the while supporting increased productivity and reduced absenteeism because employees don’t need to make a special trip to the doctor or massage therapist.

    But, benefits from onsite wellness services only are enjoyed if team members walk through the door. Here are some tips for successfully launching an onsite wellness program:

    • Communicate it: Advertise the onsite wellness service. Personal invitations, the company Intranet, brochures and posters are a few ways to raise awareness. You can also build buzz by handing out Pocket First Aid Kits imprinted with a calendar highlighting when onsite services will be, along with a phone number. These are perfect for stashing in a workstation.
    • Champion it: Call on top leaders to use and talk about the value of the onsite services. A culture of wellness starts with leaders who walk the talk. A custom-printed massage pen is a great way to sell your healthy culture and onsite wellness services to employees and job seekers alike.
    • Incentivize it: Encourage employees to take advantage of this workplace perk with incentives. To get them to check out the onsite services for the first time, offer a quality welcome gift, such as an imprinted Olympian Infuser Sport Bottle.
    • Make it remarkable: A convenient location isn’t enough to make an onsite wellness service a success. The atmosphere and experience must also make employees feel like they’re in good hands. Give away logo’d bandage dispensers or Hot/Cold Wrist Rests to help build relationships between patients and wellness providers.
    • Measure it: The return on investment (ROI) for onsite wellness services can be difficult to measure. Hard ROI could include direct medical cost savings. Soft ROI could include productivity gains and reduced absenteeism. Start measuring the value of onsite health offerings with patient surveys.

    In the U.S., the estimated ROI for onsite clinics is $1.50 for every $1 spent, with the return increasing after three years of operation. Onsite wellness services are a benefits strategy that supports the health of your team, while boosting the health of your bottom line.

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