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Online tutoring paves the road to success
Online tutoring has been growing by leaps and bounds, and not without reason. In today’s day and age, schedules are too demanding to squeeze in individual, in-person tutoring sessions. Online tutoring allows for instant access to help, and provides answers to questions, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Plus, students never need to scramble to find transportation to tutoring appointments—access to the Internet is all they need.

Competition is fierce in education today and online tutoring prepares students for success. Whether they are struggling with a certain class subject, need help writing an essay or are preparing for a test, online tutoring can help.

How online tutoring works
Online tutoring works in a couple of different ways. Through Web-based communication, users log in to their virtual classroom and an exchange takes place between tutor and student. This can occur in either a chat room setting or with educational discussion-board software such as BlackboardSM or WhiteboardSM. These platforms allow for tutors to post their materials online and for students to communicate with tutors as though they were there in-person. Many online tutoring companies also offer mobile apps that allow students to connect to tutors, store documents and browse resources right from their smart phones or tablets.

Online tutoring as an educational alternative
Online tutoring works best for the self-motivated student. It can be easy to procrastinate or forget to login, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. With a little hard work and dedication, online tutoring can become habitual just as if it were any other part of a required school schedule.

Some may argue that online tutoring could tend to further isolate the shy student, but on the contrary, today’s virtual tutors utilize social media and other Web 2.0 platforms to instill a virtual community and a collaborative environment. With online tutoring, even the most introverted student can ask questions without the social anxieties one may feel in a typical classroom setting. This is a wonderful result that educators and administrators can use to promote the program to parents and students. Consider offering monitor cleaners attached with a letter home to begin to explain the benefits of online tutoring.

Getting started with online tutoring
All that is needed to get started with online tutoring is a computer and a high-speed Internet connection. Students with this access at home are many, but not every student is so fortunate. Ensure that you can provide either a computer lab or local access for all students to benefit from this valuable resource.

Communicate the program
Once the decision has been made to promote online tutoring within your institution, bolster the cause with banners, imprinted mouse pads and pens. Encourage participation by providing enrollees with ear buds to tune in to their online tutor in peace and quiet.

Connect with parents to help them understand the program and the safety measures your organization has put into place to protect your students and their welfare. Discuss the precautions you’ve taken and consider handing out magnets imprinted with information on who to call should an unlikely incident occur.

Online tutoring is a sure way to help students succeed. It is here to stay, so why not jump on board. Help students learn in a manner conducive to them in a cost-efficient, convenient and easy-to-use way.

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