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| Updated: July 13, 2021 3 min read

This last year has been unprecedented for nurses. Because of the pandemic, they have had to work especially hard. That’s causing many to feel burned out. Even before the pandemic hit, one survey found that 43% of Canadian nurses were facing mental health issues related to on-the-job stress, including anxiety and PTSD. This past year certainly hasn’t helped reduce stress. Now more than ever, nurses deserve our heartfelt thanks. Show them how much you value them with one of these Nurses’ Day gift ideas.


Fuel them up

Nurses often work long hours, and they’re on their feet for much of that time—administering meds, taking vitals and caring for patients. They’ll appreciate a little boost to help fuel them. A travel tumbler keeps their coffee piping hot (or ice cold!) for hours. And granola bars or trail mix can keep hunger pains at bay.


Let them grab and go

Nurses often have a lot to transport. Many have their own personal equipment they take home with them, like a stethoscope, penlight, pens, hand sanitizer, scrubs—the list goes on! Add to that a phone, purse/wallet, and maybe a packed lunch and drink. A gift that is sure to come in handy is a cotton tote. Toss in a new set of scrubs and a fun pen to really impress them.


Give a little self-care

Everybody enjoys self-care—and nurses especially deserve it. To help them relax, destress and enjoy a little “me time,” load up a basket with self-care goodies. A personal care kit is perfect for an at-home mani/pedi. A scented zen candle will help them relax after a long day. Nurses on duty will likely appreciate lip moisturizer to remind them to take care of themselves while taking care of their patients.


Help them sleep well

Getting enough quality sleep helps nurses’ physical and mental health while improving quality of life. After a hard day (or night) of caring for patients, some good shuteye is a must. Give them a sleep kit that includes a light-blocking sleep mask, a pair of cozy crew socks and a comfy pair of pants or flannel sleep pants.


Give personalized thanks

Nothing touches the heart quite like a personalized, handwritten message. Give each nurse on your team a medical themed notebook and ask their fellow nurses to write personal messages inside. Each nurse will feel so appreciated, knowing their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.


Show heartfelt appreciation

Nurses are life savers—literally. They put in long hours to make sure their patients are safe, healthy and comfortable. With these Nurses’ Day gift ideas, your team will feel incredibly appreciated.