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| Updated: March 28, 2022 3 min read

Editor’s Note: This article is updated annually and has been modified to include 2022 new Nurse Appreciation Day gift and celebration ideas for 2022.


It’s that time of year again—time to show nurses just how much we love and appreciate their hard work. While we think every day is the perfect time show our nurses the love, National Nurses Day, May 6, kicks off an entire week of celebration. This year, it’s May 6-11. The week offers an opportunity to sing nurses’ praises. Nursing is the number one healthcare profession in the U.S, with over 3.8 million registered nurses. Show these caring individuals how much you value them with one of these Nurse Appreciation Day gifts.


Energize for hours

Nurses work long hours and most of them are spent on their feet, caring for others. That takes a lot of energy. Nurses will love a boost to help them feel refreshed and energized throughout their shift. An insulated tumbler, imprinted with words of thanks, keeps a drink hot or cold for hours. Fuel nurses up with tasty to-go snacks for when they need a quick burst of energy. Snack mix, pistachio cups and trail mix are perfect choices.


Help them get out the door

A National Nurses Day gift idea that’s sure to come in handy is a stylish and sturdy tote. Perfect for nurses on the go—whether early in the morning or late at night—a tote bag is a convenient all-in-one place to store their personal items. Toss in a V-neck scrub top, pants and a bend-a-pen to really make a great impression.


Care for those who care

Self-care is especially important in the fast-paced environment of nursing. Help nurses de-stress and enjoy a little “me time” with a self-care kit. Encourage relaxation and self-care with essential oils, a Soothing Stick to keep their hands soft and lip balm to keep dry lips at bay.


Boost sleep quality

Quality sleep helps boost heart health, lower stress levels and improve memory. After a hard day (or night) of caring for patients, some good shut-eye is a must. A sleep kit that includes an  eye mask, plush blanket and a pair of sweatpants will leave a lasting impression. Every time they curl up for some much-needed rest, they’ll be grateful for their sleep-aiding Nurse Appreciation Day gifts.


Show personal recognition

A personalized message from the heart is a truly memorable gift. Give each nurse on your team a thank-you greeting card with a handwritten note. A themed notebook filled with personal messages from fellow staff is another unforgettable idea that will be long-cherished. Every time they read their notes, they’ll be inspired for another day of helping people.


Give heartfelt appreciation with nurse appreciation day gifts

Nurses save lives, help patients achieve a higher quality of life and bring cheer and comfort to those in need. We owe so much to nurses. With these Nurse Appreciation Day gift ideas, your team is sure to feel appreciated.