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| Updated: January 06, 2021

Gifting your supporters with a small token of thanks for their donation is a great way to show your appreciation. At the same time, you’re providing them with a piece of branded merchandise that promotes your cause. In fact, npENGAGE, a resource for nonprofit trends, best practices, news and more, listed “giving donors something nice” as one of its “15 techniques used by top nonprofits to boost donor acquisition and online fundraising results.”

Consider taking this strategy to the next level by developing donation tiers as an incentive for donors to not only continue their support of your cause, but also to increase their level of giving.

Benefits of tiered-level gifts

Assigning donors to tiered levels can provide the extra motivation and recognition some may need to support your organization at the next level. Here’s how:

Share the love

Gifting in return for a donation helps show your supporters the love. It tells your donors you appreciate them. And although the majority of people are charitable—95.4 percent of households give to charity—they are also consumers by nature. Offering something of value in exchange for a donation appeals to both sensibilities.

Increase your donation size

Research shows that providing giving levels can increase the size of an average online donation. The premise behind this is people give more when they choose from predetermined amounts versus selecting a donation amount on their own. Incentivize this behavior by adding a gift to accompany each level, such as a bumper sticker with a $25 donation, a T-shirt at $50 and an iPad® sleeve for donations of $100.

Drive awareness

Your supporters are your brand ambassadors; they are often happy to visibly showcase their support. Provide golf umbrellas, fleece jackets and messenger bags as a means for them to further identify with your cause while increasing awareness among their friends and family.

Pull at the heartstrings

A branded thank you provides one more opportunity to incorporate a visual, emotion-evoking element into your campaign. Gift supporters with a coffee mug imprinted with a photo of a rescued shelter dog, or a mouse pad with a picture of a saved lighthouse, to inspire their passion and connectedness.

A tiered-level gift is a nice way to say thank you for your donation. But it’s also a great way to generate increased brand awareness, add an element of emotion and increase your donations. Give it a try!


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