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New audiences mean new opportunities

4imprint’s customer, a convention and visitors bureau (CVB), knew it had a good thing going. With beautiful countryside and breathtaking panoramas the scenery made marketing to tourists easy. But CVB staff knew they could go even further by doing things a little differently, so they took steps to make that happen.

Over the last two years, the CVB team identified new tourism audiences. By playing on the geography and community’s existing strengths, they considered a wider range of possibilities than ever before. You’ve probably heard of Harley-Davidson® or Indian® motorcycle rallies, but what about mountain bike rallies with names like Rocky Mountain and Devinci®? This CVB team used the mountains in their backyard for more than sightseeing and created an opportunity to enhance their community’s tourism through niche audience development.

It’s about doing things differently and realizing that there are likely audiences your organization is overlooking. Ferret them out, and begin to market to them. Here are some possible ideas for doing just that:

Play up strengths
Identify your assets. Take inventory of what you do well and everything you have to offer. Don’t just say, “We make a quality product.” Be specific as to why and how those assets make your company unique.

Isolate each opportunity
Next, analyze each asset and brainstorm possible audiences that meld with those assets you’ve identified. Try to not eliminate audiences or possibilities at this stage, and especially avoid saying, “It can’t be done.”

The Wii® gaming system is another great story featuring untapped markets. The gaming industry was so accustomed to targeting teens and young males, it dismissed all the other possible gamer audiences. Wii staff saw an opportunity to capture those missed audiences—such as families and senior citizens—creating an international sensation.

Do your research
You’ll likely need to research industries and business markets outside of your normal range to find the associations you are seeking. Question everything, and then don’t assume the answers. Find them!

Ask your customers what they think. Then, thank them for their time by giving them Tool Pen Kits, which can be mailed with surveys, or Roadster Gift Sets if you interviewed them in person.

Market the heck out of it
Because it’s a new audience, they don’t know you. You’re a newcomer to their scene and need to make a splash to get the word out.

If it’s mountain bikers, buying ads in mountain bike magazines and giving away bike bottles makes sense. If it’s electrical engineers, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) conference and logo’d USB drives are good ideas. Want to target dog lovers? Sponsor the Canadian Kennel Club, and supply local veterinarians with Scoop-it™ Bowls they can hand out to their customers.

No matter who your new audience is, the right marketing plan will do the trick. When doing things a new way, you will have identified, researched and targeted your new audiences. And just like the CVB, you, too, will have something to rally about!


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