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| Updated: January 04, 2021 3 min read

From fundraising galas to walk-a-thons to silent auctions, events can be a great way to raise funds for your cause. But with so many going online, monetizing virtual events is becoming a priority. We’ve got four easy tips that will help you get started, plus some virtual event giveaways to help make your occasion one for the books.

Allow open donations

In-person events may have envelopes on the table, card readers or a box for monetary donations. Add a virtual “donation bucket” to your event website and ask people to contribute throughout the gathering.

Remind people how to make a donation:

  • In a “Welcome to the Event” sign-up email.
  • In the footer of your follow-up/reminder messages.
  • Before or after a keynote speaker or presentation.
  • In a post-event thank-you message.

Offer tiered access

Creating different levels of access for attendees based on their donations can appeal to a wide variety of budgets. Consider offering:

  • A free or “pay what you can” tier for people who only want to view part of the event.
  • An “after event” tier for larger donations that gives people access to event recordings or an additional speaker.
  • A VIP tier with access to extras like networking with guest speakers and special virtual event giveaways like a combination webcam cover and screen cleaner or a notebook with pen.

Bring in sponsors

Sponsors of in-person events might have the opportunity to set up a booth or sponsor event giveaways. Virtual events offer multiple opportunities to raise funds through sponsorships too. For instance:

Hold auctions

A silent auction works the same online as it does in person. Auctions can be a great way to raise funds from the moment people register through the last moments of the event. Remind people to bid and send them automated email updates each time they’re outbid.

Fun ways to find funding

With these simple tips, monetizing virtual events is easy. When in-person events aren’t an option, find the funds you need to care for your community by taking it online. Good luck!