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Mobile polls - Getting immediate feedback and engagement
To poll a person or group is to find out how they perceive a certain event, product or service. Polling your trade show guests can be a quick and easy way to gather information and to find out what your customers are thinking. This data can then be used to improve products, services, sales pitches and more.Although traditional methods of polling such as face-to-face interviews and self-administered surveys are still in use today, mobile polls are generally faster, less expensive and more convenient. Keep reading for some simple mobile polling ideas you can implement at your next trade show.Types of mobile polls
There are multiple methods to poll your audience. Here are just a few fast and simple ways to gather information:

  • Online polling: Direct people to your website for special offers and valuable information—imprint your website URL on a media stand or a microfibre laptop cleaning cloth and hand them out to booth visitors. Ask guests to answer a question or two while visiting your site and use this information to improve your business.
  • Live text polling: Mobile text polls can be a quick and easy way to gather live data. When demonstrating a new product or service, ask guests if they see your product or service in their near future—direct them to text their vote and display results live, on a monitor or projection screen. Post signs and imprint disposable grab bags with the message, “Text (insert number here) to vote,” to gain instant feedback. Provide incentives for guests to partake in your polls—hold drawings for gifts such as Bluetooth® speakers or wireless headphones for participants.
  • QR codes: QR codes can be a simple way to connect with visitors. Link QR codes to important trade show information including a schedule of events, upcoming trade shows and, of course, your poll. Print QR codes on booth signage and on giveaways such as cord stashers or USB adaptors.

Use it or lose it
Polling customers is only just the beginning. Once you have this wealth of data, you have to use it in order to see a gain for your efforts. The prompt manner in which polled data is gathered requires an accordingly fast response. Quickly disseminate and simplify the data gathered and then brainstorm next steps. Determine what customers want, decide what kinds of changes can be made and resolve if, when and how you’re going to make those changes.

Once you determine your next steps, communicate them with your customers. Let them know they’ve been heard and that their feedback is being taken into consideration. If you’ve resolved to make a change, communicate next steps. If not, communicate that as well. Post this information on your website, send an email or text results as transparency is key to maintaining long-term relationships.

Remember, mobile polling your trade show guests can be a great way to generate feedback about your business, your products and your trade show presence. Just don’t forget to put this valuable data to use. For more information on polling, check out one of our Blue Papers®, Polling 101.

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